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How to properly prepare for a tattoo day. Before and during.

how to prepare for a tattoo pain
As we all know, tattoos have become relatively commonplace in this day and age. Whether it be a small heart in a nonobvious place, or a larger face tattoo, it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t have or want a tattoo. Not wanting a tattoo could be for any number of reasons. You could be scared that it will hurt, that it will come out bad (or totally different than what you wanted) or WORSE, infected, or scarred! Eek! However, don’t make up your mind just yet! There are several things you can do before getting a tattoo and during to prepare and to prevent any tattoo nightmares you may have from becoming a very, very sucky reality.

Piercing Bumps, Keloids, and Infection: How to Avoid and Treat Them!

cartilage piercing keloid
Most of the time, we get our various piercings, and the end result is utterly flawless. We have no serious residual pain or soreness, the healing process goes smoothly, and all we ever know of infections and complications is from the horror stories we hear through the grapevine or read on blogs online. However, on occasion, those horror stories become nightmarish reality for us and our piercings (after all, they must happen to SOMEONE, or there wouldn’t be stories for US to read, would there?)!

Why Does My Nose Stud Keeps Falling Out?

why my nose ring keeps falling out when i sleep
We all know the struggle of a damn rebellious nose stud, and that struggle is often TOO real. In fact, some of us get so angry with those slippery piercings that we end up giving up on them (either out of sheer exhaustion, or because we may or may not have accidentally pulled or pushed our stud too hard and stretched the hole)!
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