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How to Keep Your Septum Piercing Looking Hot and Feeling Cool

16g silver Septum Ring Septum Jewelry

Getting your septum pierced is no easy task. It takes guts, so congrats to those of you who have taken that pinching plunge!

If you’re a true metal face, you want your septum ring’s newness and thrill to last forever. However, septum horror stories or witnessing the folly of people who choose septum rings that clash hideously with everything else about them can give us nightmares.

Well, fear no more! In our usual nosey (enjoy the pun!) fashion, we hunted down some information that is sure to keep you in love with your septum piercing until removal do you part!


Gold! It Makes the Piercings Glow ‘Round!

Septum Ring Gold 16g Kika Von Macabre
Ah, gold! It’s made the world turn for nearly as long as both have existed. 
One of the first precious metals discovered on this planet was gold; pure, simple gold. It was a staple in the livelihoods of many, it was currency in many parts of the world for many, many years, and people would even kill for it! 
Some of the first, and finest, jewelry known to man was made from the durable, precious metal. One thing is for sure: these days, we at Pata Pata Jewelry love it!

Painless, Costless, and Timeless Makeup Look that is 100% Uniquely YOU!

Gold Septum Ring Septum Piercing Kika Von Macabre
If you’re like us, you have little time to go to makeup counters and allow salespeople to try out all the newest styles and colors of makeup to find the “right shade” for us or listen to all the tired pitches while they try to sell something that just isn’t quite what we’re looking for. 
However, also like us, you need a new look that says, “I am ME, and I LOVE how I look!”
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