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Tattoo Uh-Oh’s, Cover-Up No-No’s, and Ways to Avoid Both

tattoo cover up ideas
Many people who get tattoos experience this at least once in their lives. Sometimes, you have someone you know, or someone recommended by a friend or relative, draw up a custom design for a tattoo (or, if you’re an artist yourself, you draw up your own), and on paper (pun intended) it looks great. However, when the tattoo artist puts it on your skin, the finished product is warped, smudged, or flat-out terrible by comparison. Or, maybe you’re one of the people who got a tattoo that, at the time, was something you wanted more than anything or that sounded like it was a great idea, but you later realize it was one of the worst decisions of your life.

‘Twas the Week Before Halloween

Halloween story for adults

‘Twas the week before Halloween, and all over the world, people are gearing up for celebrations and spooky plans galore! Halloween is one of our favorite times of year, because there’s so much to do! Haunted houses, costume parties, fall festivals, trick-or-treating, various spiritual gatherings… there are enough Halloween activities to make the holiday a month-long event (as we love to do)!

However, we won’t be discussing any of those activities in this piece. Instead, we’d like to tell you a tale… based on a VERY true story from one of our very own staff members. So, grab a snack and a warm blanket, and settle in!


What do you do if your nose piercing falls out?

What do you do if your nose piercing falls out?
Believe it or not, this happens more often than you may know. You wake up, take your daily shower, clean your nose piercing, head off to work (or to your day-off routine), and at some point throughout the day, you reach up to scratch your nose and realize… Holy hell, your nose ring is gone!!! Or (worse still), realize that your nose jewelry is missing, and have no idea when you remember (for SURE) that you had the ring/stud in last (it happened to me, so I completely understand THAT struggle)!
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