How to open your septum piercing, tragus ring, nose ring or any hoop style body jewelry.

Very important: + Don’t pull it apart sideways +

The right way to do it is to twist the ends slightly away from each other, not too much.. just enough to fit in.

Twisting thinner wires with your fingers is easy.
Hold the septum piercing rings, tragus piercing or any other jewelry that you have in it's two halves, as equally as you can, and carefully twist.
how to change a septum piercing

how to change a septum piercing
With the thick wires, you might want to use small pliers. You could use professional, jewelry making, padded pliers, but any plat type pliers would do just fine.
Place a small piece of soft cloth to protect your jewelry, and use the minimum needed force,
Don’t over squeeze the wire, as you might leave marks on it. Simple! Isn’t it? Click to find about  changing septum piercing.
gold septum

Model - gorgeous Natascha Pedersen 
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