where can I get my septum pierced

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Silver Septum Jewelry | Neptune's Child

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Being such a dominant element on your face, one that could never be ignored,
A perfectly made septum piercing is not only a beautiful bold statement,
But will heal quickly and nicely, giving you more great ways to express yourself.

Yes, as with almost any piercing you could do it yourself, but it is highly not recommended.
Randomly picking just any close by piercing studio is also not recommended.
There are many reasons why, Here are few of them, and what you better do:

Ask around

Research in advance.
Ask pierced people for the best, most recommended, most professional studio around.
Although every studio has his own rules and ways, If you need to book in advance, it is a good sign.
If they will let no one else in the room, but you and the piercer, it is a good sign.
If they will not let you shoot pictures while in the process – it is a good sign.

I know, some of us are very impulsive
… I am ..I get the decision and bang, it’s done!
But, I have my favorite piercing shop, to which I travel almost one hour in each direction.
Although I have other options nearby, there is no way I will compromise.

You should have questions and your piercer should be patient enough to answer them.
I know, a lot of them are eager to get the job done, this is how they are. They simply love it.
But you should feel comfortable, safe and relaxed and trust your piercer.
So ask anything. Don’t be shy.

Real Solid Septum Gold
Model - Beautiful Emelie Axelson
Septum Ring - Tribal Beauty solid 14 k gold

The sweet spot - aesthetically pierced septum

The sweet spot is the exact, and only spot where a septum piercing should be made.
It is a small piece of skin in the gap between the cartilage and the bottom of the nose.
The septum itself is the middle of the nose, that wall that separates the nostrils.
The cartilage itself should not be pierced.

A beautiful result is not that easy to achieve. Finding the right spot is one thing.
Getting it pierced correctly, evenly – both horizontally and vertically is not an easy task.
You should trust a professional piercer to do it right. My brother had his septum pierced, ages ago, by, well… not such a great “pro”.
He ended with an annoying uneven septum, that no matter what jewelry he put in, it was always twisted and off.
He gave up on it out eventually.
I have quite a few customers who told me that they are about to redo their septum piercing as they chose the wrong studio the first time and the result was disappointing.
That sucks!

The Pain and the Healing of the Septum

The septum piercing is considered to be one of the most painful ones, although, I must admit I don’t think it is THAT bad.
Going through such a strong, amazing experience, you want to make sure that you are at the BEST place.

Healing time is very individual, but a proper clean setup for piercing could greatly influence your healing time. A clean studio, a clean piercing room is something that you should look for.
A clean, well organized piercing table with sterilized packed surgical steel needles, sterilized packed tweezers, antiseptic and sterile pads, packed gauze sponges and q-tips, are a necessity.
If something doesn’t look right… the room doesn’t feel clean, your piercer doesn’t feel clean.. You don’t see familiar needle packs (pretty similar to the needle packs you saw at your doctor), piercing tweezers are not being kept in surgical pack, anything…
Consider nicely backing off and go look for a proper place.
If you're piercer accept the jewelry that you brought with you as an initial jewelry, it is a very big red sign. Your initial septum jewelry must be made of surgical steel by a known trusted brand, properly kept and cleaned by your piercer.

Septum piercing aftercare

Once done, your amazing new septum pierce is in place, cleaned and ready to show off,
Your piercer should patiently guide you with the aftercare.
Don’t be smart, listen carefully stick to his guidance. He knows what he’s talking about.
Cutting corners here could result a quick, very un-friendly regression.
If anything goes wrong with the healing: the pain is too much, the infection doesn’t seem to decrease,
Don’t hesitate and step into your piercing studio for check and guidance.

Choosing your septum jewelry

Once healed, you are ready for the fun stuff.
Poor quality septum rings could easily break, deform, peel off or cause a bad allergic reaction - all of which you surely want to avoid. Always look for best quality septum piercing jewelry made by a reliable, qualified manufacturer.
Look for unique, cool, jewelry.
Don’t compromise. Choose jewelry that will express your true self!

P.s. if all this seems like a hustle, and you'd like to see if septum rings are even for you, you can always start off with a nice fake septum ring, and then decide!


Silver Septum Jewelry | Neptune's Child | PataPataJewelry

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