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2019 - The Year for YOU!

2019 resolution swinging forward septum rings

This is the time of year when we all “resolve” to better ourselves, meet certain goals, get rid of old habits, and be the best self we can be. And we want to see you achieve (and stick to) any resolutions you make! So, we wanted to share some thoughts we ourselves had as we made OUR resolutions that we think might help you, dear members of our Tribe, do exactly that!

Rather than tell you which changes you SHOULD make, we wanted to inspire you to think about which changes are right for you, and how you can make this year the year you step up and do YOU!


My Kitten Re-Pierced My Lip!

Septum ring jewelry

We don’t know about you guys and gals, but we’re already just about sick of the stress of the holidays! Don’t get us wrong; we look forward to seeing our relatives and old friends, and enjoying the various festivities planned for our respective holiday celebrations. However, we are sick to death of all the insanity that surrounds the holiday season, and we need a short break!

That’s why, instead of giving you an article on “Christmas Gift Ideas” or “How to Survive the Holidays,” we have something a little different! A couple of our staff members wanted to share their cute pet stories. So, sit back, relax, and unplug from all the holiday chaos for a few moments! We hope you enjoy these tales!


Tattoo Uh-Oh’s, Cover-Up No-No’s, and Ways to Avoid Both

tattoo cover up ideas
Many people who get tattoos experience this at least once in their lives. Sometimes, you have someone you know, or someone recommended by a friend or relative, draw up a custom design for a tattoo (or, if you’re an artist yourself, you draw up your own), and on paper (pun intended) it looks great. However, when the tattoo artist puts it on your skin, the finished product is warped, smudged, or flat-out terrible by comparison. Or, maybe you’re one of the people who got a tattoo that, at the time, was something you wanted more than anything or that sounded like it was a great idea, but you later realize it was one of the worst decisions of your life.
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