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Why Does My Nose Stud Keeps Falling Out?

why my nose ring keeps falling out when i sleep
We all know the struggle of a damn rebellious nose stud, and that struggle is often TOO real. In fact, some of us get so angry with those slippery piercings that we end up giving up on them (either out of sheer exhaustion, or because we may or may not have accidentally pulled or pushed our stud too hard and stretched the hole)!

An Ear Piercing by Any Other Name Would Be a Different Piercing!

Cartilage earring gold Daith jewelry
So, not long ago, we discussed a bit about different ear piercings, and we mentioned that we would get into that more in other posts. Well, welcome to an “other post!” Below, we have detailed a handful of common/popular ear piercings (and some that are perhaps not-so-common), and what they are called.

Celebrating “Refuse to Be Ordinary®”

Nose ring hoop 18g
Big news! “Refuse to Be Ordinary®” is now an official trademark of Pata Pata Jewelry, and we are ecstatic! And we could not have done it without our amazing tribe members like you. We heart you so big!
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