5 most important things you shouldn't miss when choosing your septum piercing, nose or tragus piercing

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So, you finally decided to take the plunge and get yourself a septum ring!
Way to go! Many celebrities are now sporting both fake and very real rings (facial, that is); they are quite the trend these days!
Of course, if you are reading this blog, you are not the trend following kind, and that is wonderful!
We create unique, beautiful septum rings for every single unique lovely!
We have also taken the liberty of assembling some of the most important information you’ll need, both before and after getting your beautiful nose all holed up, so keep reading!

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Septum Piercing - Tribal Beauty

It’s So Beautiful!

Besides its sexy appearance, one of the best things about a septum piercing, or any piercing in general, is that it is not permanent.
If at any point, it becomes an inconvenience or a hindrance to your career (sheer blasphemy, we know, but we also try to cover the just-in-cases), you can just remove the ring and voila!
The holes will close, in most cases, with no sign that they were ever there.
Of course, the beautiful jewelry options for your brand-new piercing doesn’t hurt a bit, either! (No pun intended, of course!)

Proceed with Caution

However, although the perks to a septum piercing are many, deciding whether to get one is not a choice that anyone should make lightly.
As with any new piercing or tattoo, you must take great care of a septum piercing and watch carefully for any signs of infection or jewelry allergies.
The time and money you have invested in accessorizing your look is all for naught if neglect and improper care cause irreparable damage to your skin and face.
So, try out a fake septum ring for a few weeks first, change up the styles, and go through the motions of the care you must give to a real piercing before making your final decision.
If it’s still on your bucket list then, go for it!

Once you have made your choice, take a look at your septum jewelry options. Consider your own personal style when selecting your jewelry, so that your rings compliment everything in your wardrobe.
Of course, there is nothing wrong with having a ring for every outfit you own, but until you get the hang of changing your ring (sorry, last pun, I promise!) and the piercing is completely pain free, you might not want to battle a new ring every single day.
Also, if concealment is a deciding factor for you, a septum piercing is one of the easiest to hide from family members and bosses (for us rebels who just don’t want to let go of our piercings for society’s sake!).
Just one more awesome fact to add to the list of badass-ness that comes with septum piercings!

With great awesomeness comes great responsibility though, lovelies.
In addition to the information we provided above, we found these five septum-piercing pointers (say that five times fast!) to keep in mind, as well when deciding whether to get pierced or keep your septum (blech!) virgin.


A perfect fit. There is a big, wide world of wire and diameter sizes, and you must pick the piercing that perfectly fits you (five times fast, I dare you!). Do not compromise; choose only the jewelry that will look no less than amazing on your beautiful face. Surely you did not go through all that pain to settle for second best, did you?

 Made especially for you. Handmade septum piercing jewelry, for those who have the patience to wait, is a great choice. Jewelry tailored just for you will adjust to fit your specific needs and preferences. 

Quality. Is the jewelry made from materials of the highest quality? How about the finish? Although you are already past the initial pain of septum piercing, poor quality jewelry could easily break, discolor, peel, or cause irritation and infection. Be smart, and avoid unnecessary disappointments or health hazards.

Unique style. +REFUSE TO BE ORDINARY+ Look for unique, feminine yet bold septum or tragus jewelry. Express your true self with jewelry that fits your overall style (again, you are unique, and you want your jewelry to convey that and compliment you every day). 

100% guarantee. Will you get 100% guarantee, no questions asked? If you changed your mind, if the jewelry is not what you expected it to be, are there friendly, hands-on customer service reps with whom you can speak?

You Deserve the Best!

Your septum is no joke. Getting it pierced is a wonderful decision, and it is a super sexy accessory. However, settling for below-par anything when it comes to a new piercing is always a no-no; you and your new look deserve so much better!


Silver Septum Jewelry | Neptune's Child | PataPataJewelry

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