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Does Facial Jewelry Mean Something Special To YOU?

Tribal septum ring nose ring gold

For centuries (ever since the beginning of human civilizations, in fact), cultures have implemented unique physical attributes to differentiate their tribe members from others. They also used different attributes to distinguish between the different ranks and statuses within their own tribes. But this is probably something most of you already know.

However, did you know that SOME of this is still relevant today?


Valentine’s Day for the Anti-Valentine

anti valentine's day

Love is in the air, and Valentine’s day is EVERYWHERE you look. Literally. EVERYWHERE. Yippee.

Many people love this holiday of romance and passion. However, SOME people would rather do anything else besides celebrating it. Like spending a quiet evening alone. Or, gouge out their eyes!

However, we have a better idea! If you’re one of those (or you’re with someone) who hates the traditional Valentine’s day mush and it IS possible to celebrate the holiday YOUR WAY! Read on for some ideas as to how  it!


Inspiration is EVERYTHING! (Seriously)!

Nose septum ring
People talk all the time about inspiration: how important it is, how much it propels them forward in life, etc. Yet, many of us don’t realize that much of what we say is mere lip service, because somewhere along the way, we got so caught up in the things for which we needed inspiration that we LOST that inspiration without knowing it!
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