What is a Fake Septum Piercing

A fake septum ring is a very popular jewelry worn on the septum part of the nose, without the need of a real pierce.
It could be called a septum clip on, faux septum ring, septum cuff, fake septum piercing as well.

Fake Septum Piercings - How and Where

As it is not going through the skin, there is much more freedom in the materials this jewelry could be made of.
The fake septum jewelry could be made from a vast variety of materials ranging from silver, gold, and basic metals such as brass or copper, through plated metals and all the way to 3D printed plastic or silicone.
While the septum pierce ‘sweet spot’ is located closer to the tip of the nose, The fake septum rings are worn closer to the base of the septum, where it connects to the face, above the upper lip.
Given that the jewelry was well crafted, to the untrained eye it would be almost impossible to tell whether you are pierced or not. 

Fake Septum Ring Piercing DIY
Model – gorgeous lunaceleste87

The Advantages of Fake Septum Piercing

Any ‘real’ septum jewelry, made for a pierced septum, could be modified to fit a non pierced one, so you can enjoy a great variety of jewelry of a vast designs and ornaments, a great freedom of choice in regarding to where and when,
Without the need to worry how to hide a septum piercing.

Wearing a fake septum ring let you enjoy both worlds: wearing a cool, bold jewelry, easily adding a great touch of edgy style, avoiding the obligation, pain and healing time that a pierced one requires.
If you intend to go for the real thing, wearing a fake septum ring could give you a good idea of how would It look on you, let you experiment with different designs to find the one that complement your face and style the best,
As well, run some fun tests and get a good idea of how your family, friends, school, work would react to it.
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