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Can I have my septum piercing in a different diameter?

Sure! I make all my septum jewelry inner diameter a 8 mm by default, which is a snug fit for most people.
Like to wear a different diameter? Choose it from 'Diameter' drop down upon purchase.

I'm not sure what gauge / wire size I'm wearing...
Do you make fake septum piercing?

Sure! I can make all my septum jewelry fake. Select 'Fake Septum' from 'My Piercing' drop down and thick - a more noticeable jewelry, or thin wire - delicate jewelry, from 'My Gauge, Wire Size' drop down.

I'm wearing a nose ring, would your septum piercing fit as a nose ring?

Sure! Select your nose piercing side from 'My Piercing' drop down.

I prefer wearing gold septum rings – but can’t find the design I like in gold Can’t find the design you like in gold?

Contact me, I can make most of them in gold for you.

Do you make black septum?

Sure, I can make any of the sterling silver septum black. Make sure to add a note upon placing your order and let me know that you like it black.

I prefer wearing a septum clicker – do you make clickers?

Adding a clicker to your septum ring has an additional price, I handmade each and every clicker. Contact me for details.

How do I put my septum piercing in?

Carefully twist your septum jewelry open, just enough to fit in, then twist to close. With thicker wires you would probably need to use small pliers to do so. Check my How To Change Your Septum Piercing for help page more information.

What are the shipping charges?

I offer 4 shipping methods.

1. FREE SHIPPING - Non registered international shipping – is the default shipping option. FREE SHIPPING times are between 2-3 weeks, depending on the destination and your country and local customs.
Please understand that I will not be able to take responsibility over lost, non-registered packages.

2. EcoPost - Registered - $10.6, *recommended method* to selected countries only.
Please check the list below.
Shipping with EcoPost is a preferred, registered, shipping method, it will take 5-15 business days for most of the countries, and 8-18 for some.
Please consider the 'Ready to ship' time in addition.
I will add a tracking code to the shipping notice that I will send you upon shipping.

List of countries that are eligible for EcoPost shipping:
5-15 business days: United States, Sweden, Norway, Canada, France, Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, Finland, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Japan, Hong Kong, Belgium, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Poland.
8-18 business days: Australia, Brazil

3. Expedited - 4-6 business days approx. $30.
Please consider the 'Ready to ship' time in addition.
I will add a tracking code to the shipping notice that I will send you upon shipping.

4. DHL Express – 2 business days.
Highly recommended during the holidays. When the global post is swamped, DHL will still remain Express…
US | Canada | West Europe - $33
South America | Asia - $44
Australia | East Europe | Rest of the world - $55
Please consider the 'Ready to ship' time in addition.
Make sure to choose the relevant DHL Express profile to your country.
Your item will be insured against loss.
I will add a tracking code to the shipping notice that I will send you upon shipping.

Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?

I accept PayPal and credit cards.

How long will delivery take?

Non registered airmail shipping times are between 2-3 weeks.

EcoPost registered, approximetly, 5-15 business days.

EMS shipping time is, approximately, 4-6 business days.

DHL Express would take 2 business days,
and is HIGHLY recommended during the holiday season.

Please consider the 'Ready to ship' time in addition.

How long would it take you to prepare my jewelry?

I handmade each and every jewelry upon order.
Your jewelry will be ready to ship in 5-7 business days.

Custom orders could take a little longer. 
Please check availability with me and book in advance.
Contact me for details.

100% guarantee! No questions asked.

Don’t like my jewelry? Mail it back to me in its original condition within 3 days of arrival and get a full refund of the purchase price (no refunds on the shipping back cost) Check my Refund Policy page for more details.

How could I join your exclusive members club?

Customers who bought my jewelry automatically join my special, exclusive, members' club.

What the exclusive members club get?

You will get exclusive special offers, saved for members only, And be the first to know of any great offers and news.

I am a customer of yours but I don't get your great exclusive offers

Please Contact me and write me your email, it could be that I got it wrong.

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