What Size Is My Nose Ring?

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Hi, Doron, from Pata-Pata Jewelry.
I get other questions for you guys concerning your nose ring. How to tell what size you're wearing? How to choose the right size for you? So it's easy. I'll show you how to do it.

First of all it's important me to say that the diameter the inner diameter has nothing to do with  your nose size it doesn't mean it doesn't say that your nose is small or big or beautiful or less beautiful. It only means it only means the distance between where you've been pierced to the edge of your nose. Okay. But we need this number and I'll show you in a minute how to get this number and with the gauge the wire size you've been probably pierced with 18 gauge which is one millimeter. This is the most common size for nose rings.
Septum Ring Gold
Model - Amelie Axelson
Septum Ring - Neptune's Child 

As for gauging that's another question that I get the larger the number is the thinner the wire the wire is okay. So for example, at 22 G 22 gauge is much thinner than 14 gauge 14 gauge for just it is a one point six millimeters and 22 gauge is point six millimeters. Okay. So if you go for 18 G which is one millimeter or you go down to 20 or 21 millimeters which is 8 or 7. You're going to be fine. Now, as for the how can we figure out what diameter would you need so you could use the funny way of placing a ruler. Okay. Always use the millimeters as it's much more accurate. But you don't since you have this how do you call it in English the nose [bump] thing. It's not good, it's not that comfortable. What I would suggest is using a tape and while I guess I should have taken my ring out first. Displaced. Okay. Before that if you want the jewelry to hang down like mine is so measure from the pierce from the hole down here. And if you want it if you measure that way you'll see it. It's going to stay like this because it has no room to fall down here. It's a smaller space. So tape the tape. Don’t use foundation before you do that.

Model - stunning Natascha Pedersen
Septum Ring - Gold septum ring - Cool Breeze

And you can get the help of I guess getting someone to do it for you is going to be much easier. And mark the hole and mark the edge of your nose, yeah, it's going to be much better with someone doing this for you. Then, once you get this one taken a ruler again in the millimeters and tape it like that and you can see that I'm wearing nine millimeters. Okay. Now when you measure when you measure the distance okay get the number or give me the number that you that you got. But we're going to make the jewelry just that larger since if, if the jewelry is going to be at the exact size you got it's going to be very snug and could be a little too tight and pull on your piercing and going to irritate it and we both don't want it so just give me the number or get the number and we’ll add just like half or one millimeter just to make sure that you going to have enough space for wearing it. And of course I have customers who love wearing big hoops. So yeah, that's also an option since I handmade all my jewelry. I can make it any size you like wearing. So just let me know.

And if you have any more or have any questions or not sure. Oh, one more thing. Did I mention it. Not sure if you have another jewelry that you know and jewelry I mean that you know that you like how the way it sits on you place it over a ruler, ruler. That way that the ruler [ticks] will show within. Let’s sit on a table and shoot it directly from above. It could give me a very good clue of what size you need.

And I guess this is it. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me. Here at doronpatapatajewelry.com  ask me anything send me your pictures. Don't worry we'll figure out what you need and I’ll prepare perfect jewelry for you bye.



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