How to clean your septum ring, nose ring, tragus piercing and any other silver or gold body jewelry.

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You can never be too careful with body piercings, especially the ones on your face. Not only do you have to know to which materials you are allergic,
if any, but you must keep your piercing, and anything that goes near it, clean and gunk free.
What good is all the monotonous piercing cleansing if you put in dirty or tarnished jewelry?


Tarnish is when your jewelry discolored, turns yellowish brown than black. 
It is a natural process that happens to silver over time when exposed to oxygen. Your cosmetics, skin types, moisture and more, could speed it up.
When you are not wearing your body jewelry, the best way to store it would be in its original jewelry box, or, simply in a clean dry place, away from sunlight.
14k gold usually does not tarnish, but can also become slightly discolored over time when exposed to oxygen.

Septum Ring Gold
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Septum Ring - Neptune's Child


Many of us make a solemn pact with ourselves to protect our new jewelry with our lives and coddle it like babies. However, few of us can do so for very long.
Crazy schedules, busy lives, and fatigue can quickly alter that vow.
Before we know it, our piercings are sore and angry, and our jewelry has scratches that look as if we toss them to the wolves while we sleep.
It’s not that the jewelry is just too weak or cheap, it just manages to get scars like we do. What matters is what to do about scratched and tarnished jewelry. Sometimes, a professional can buff out mild blemishes and scrapes.
However, usually the jewelry needs a replacement, because the bacteria that settles into deeper scratches cannot always be sanitized away.
It is always better to be cautions, especially when it comes to holes in your body.

Cleaning your silver and gold septum, tragus ring, nose ring and any other body jewelry 

You'll need to remove the jewelry first, of course. If needed, check here  how to remove septum piercing jewelry.
We recommend that you give your body jewelry a good cleaning and sanitization regularly. It helps if you take out, and clean, all your rings and studs at the same time.
Incorporate it into your regular hygiene regimen. Once every week or two, when taking your shower, remove all your jewelry, and clean it.
Take the opportunity to give your piercings a thorough cleaning while showering, as well.
Use a professional jewelry cleaner that you can buy at any department store or jewelry shop. Note that each different jewelry material and/or coating has its own special cleaner. You can also clean your jewelry using a DIY method like my own. Mix warm water (enough in which you can dip your fingers) with a couple of drops of mild soap you have at home.
I use an organic dish washing soap. Let it rest for a few seconds. 
Use cotton balls or a soft, non-abrasive cloth that will not scratch or scrape the jewelry, and gently rub your jewelry.
When everything is squeaky clean, double check for any lingering skin cells or gunk, pat them completely dry, and then put them all back in. Important note: Make sure it is completely dry! Wearing damp jewelry can breed infectious bacteria, and storing it, even in boxes lined with absorbent material, can stain or tarnish silver and gold. We know, it seems like a lot of extra work, but soon it will be as natural to you as the rest of your normal routine.
It is also critical to keeping your piercings, and your jewelry, happy and healthy.


Choosing the Right Cleaning Solution for Your Body Jewelry

When it comes to cleaning your body jewelry, it's important to choose the right cleaning solution to avoid damaging your jewelry. Some solutions can contain harsh chemicals that may cause discoloration or other damage to your jewelry. When selecting a cleaning solution, look for one that is specifically designed for silver or gold body jewelry and does not contain harsh chemicals such as alcohol or bleach. Keep in mind that gemstones can be particularly sensitive to certain cleaning agents, so it's important to use a gentle cleaner that is safe for your specific gemstone. Natural cleaning solutions such as baking soda can also be effective for removing tarnish or buildup. Always read the instructions carefully before using any cleaning solution and never soak your jewelry for too long as this can cause damage.


+ An important note

Chlorine in swimming pools or hot tubs could damage your jewelry. Sometimes, it can eat through the metal, making the jewelry dangerous as well as unsanitary. Please keep that in mind when going for a swim while wearing.

Model - stunning Natascha Pedersen
Septum Ring - Gold septum ring - Cool Breeze

+ + Another, super important note

Please, do not try and clean your silver, or any jewelry that could have any silver in them, with hydrogen peroxide.
Besides destroying your jewelry, when the concentration is high enough, you put together a very aggressive reaction So please, if you do not have the proper cleaners or soap and sanitization products, do not try it at home… at least not with the jewelry or people you care for.

Also, if you have tried any DIY jewelry cleaning methods and your jewelry either tarnishes or starts creating infections, stop your regimen at once, replace the jewelry, and consult your piercing specialist or shop.
Allow them to inspect the jewelry, your piercing(s), and the cleaners you use, and follow any instructions they give you.
It is critical to not only keep everything clean and sanitary, but to clean and sterilize everything correctly. Practice can make perfect, but not if you are not practicing the Macarena to perform during the Cupid Shuffle, ya feel me?



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Silver 16g Septum Ring | Free Spirit

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