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Winter Style Tips For The Curvy Women

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winter style

For women, winter means bulky coats, trench coats that conceal curves and curve-less silhouettes. Well, that should not always be the case. While the winter trend is filled with baggy and overbearing and bulky pieces of clothing, you can still find a way to still show off those curves! How? Well, just take a look at some of the winter style tips that we have provided below for the curvy women out there:

Opt for a belted coat.

There is nothing more unflattering than wearing a shapeless coat over your favorite sexy body con dress. For sure, you have viewed trench coat as one of the most unflattering clothing in the world. Well, we are here to change that. If you wish to define your curves and show off a sexy silhouette, we recommend that you opt for a coat with a belt so you can cinch your outfit in the waist area. In this way, you can maintain a sexy look even if you have layers of clothing on.

Wear skinny jeans.

Avoid the baggy bottoms. If you wish to let your curves shine through, then skinny jeans are your best friend! At first, you may think that it will not be able to keep you warm but when tucked underneath your boots, it will be an instant portable and stylish warming system. If you want a casual and more relaxed look, pair your skinny jeans with a belted tunic. If you wish to show off a bit of skin, pair it with a crop top then wear a camel coat over it.

Wear boots.

Can you imagine any footwear that is sexier than boots? Well, we are sure you can’t! When it comes to winter season, boots are your best friend. Not just because they can protect your feet from the cold air but also because they will instantly make you look taller, sexier and your outfits edgier. Because of this, it is always best that you have four types of boots on hand. These include calf-length, flat and heeled boots, ankle length chunky combat boots and heeled boots. Since it is only your coat and your boots that are usually visible during the winter season, it would be best if you will make sure these two pieces look as stylish as possible.

As they say, if you have it, then (by all means) flaunt it! But if you are a bit shy with what you have, then you can use these styling tips to make sure that you will look your best and that you will show off your curves in the best way possible during winter! If you have a few more questions on how to style outfits for curvy women. Or you have a few style tips that you would love to share with us, head to our comments section! We would love to see your comments there!

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