How to change your septum piercing

The jewelry I'm wearing:
Septum Ring - Indian Mystique Solid 14 K Gold
Nose Ring - Delicate Beauty
ragus Ring - Cool Breeze Solid 14 K Gold

A well healed septum nose piercing will loosen-up enough that it will be easy to switch jewelry. Obviously it's very individual, and changes from one person to another, but septum piercing healing time would normally take 6-8 weeks, and up to 6 months for a full healing.

Make sure to wash your hands clean, clean your septum jewelry and have a disinfection solution and cotton wool buds handy. If it is a septum piercing jewelry that you are about to put in, While the jewelry gap facing up, hold both his sides at their center, as equally as the design allows. Carefully twist it open, not too much, just enough to fit in. Make sure to twist the ends sideways and not to pull them away from each other.
Septum Ring Gold
Model - Amelie Axelson
Septum Ring - Neptune's Child

+ Take a deep breath a relax + Your septum nose piercing should be completely, or almost completely healed by now. It could be a little hard to find the hole at the first time as you can’t really see it. Try either lifting up the side of your nose, or pinch just below your septum and pull it down, so you could see where the hole is placed.

Gently feel around inside your nose until you’ll find the hole. Be patient, don’t hurt your nose. Keep in mind that your hole isn’t straight, but more of a little rainbow shape. It could help if you’ll put your finger on the opposite side of the hole so you could feel when the end is coming through.

Another great way would be to pull the jewelry that you are about to take out, to the point where the end reaches the hole, stop there and placed the end of the jewelry you want to put in on the end of the jewelry you’ll be taking out and carefully moved them together.

Model - stunning Natascha Pedersen
Septum Ring - Gold septum ring - Cool Breeze

You could, of course, go to a professional piercer. They sure know how to do it right.

You can do it!
Good luck :)


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