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Gold Nose Studs

We could never forget about our metal heads who love classic nostril piercings!
For you lovelies, we have an amazing selection of gold nose studs.
We aim to tickle any fancy, please any taste, and decorate any face, no matter which piercing you hold dear to you!
As with the rest of our inventory, we offer many gauges and wire sizes (12 gauge, 14 gauge, 16 gauge, and so on), and our styles and prices can't be beat! Read below to learn about some of our favorites, and some tips and suggestions we have for our beloved gold nose stud wearers.

Some of Our Faves
We’ve taken the liberty of adding a few of our favorite (and best-selling) gold nose studs to this article. Take a look at them and, as always, feel free to browse the rest of our selection, as well!

My Lil Chakra 14k Rose Gold Nose Stud. This simple, classic style is part of our selection of rose gold nose studs. This ring adds just a touch of rose gold to your look, for those who want just a smidge to sparkle to compliment their natural shine. We also have this stud in 14k gold, for those who prefer the traditional yellow gold facial jewelry.

Eternal Balance 14k Gold Nose Stud. This is another gold nose stud that we also offer in 14k rose gold. The Eternal Balance stud’s flat shape prevents snagging on lacy or meshy clothing, eliminating the painful yanks and tugs when getting dressed. It’s “bumpy” surface also gives a sort of antique appearance to the jewelry.

Angel Tears 14k Gold Nose Stud. Don’t cry! Let our Angel Tears nose stud do the tearful work! Another piece duplicated in our 14k rose gold inventory, the only tears you’ll shed are those of joy, as your friends and loved ones marvel at the angelic beauty of this unique piece of facial heaven.

Parvati 14k Gold Nose Stud. Whether you choose this jewelry piece in the traditional yellow gold nose stud version, or in our rose gold variation, you’ll love its unique design, its flare for the beautiful and fabulous, and the way it meshes so well with just about any bold style, taste, and outfit! Designed with the daring in mind, this gold nose stud will be the talk of your social circle (and those outside of it) for a long time to come!

Prosperity Mandala 14k Rose Gold Nose Stud. Yes, we know that this gold nose stud kind of resembles a ship wheel. However, people with all types of interests, hobbies and careers love this piece! This design’s intent is to draw all kinds of positive vibes (even on those dreaded Monday’s) and help you feel like your most sexy self. Also available in 14k yellow gold.

Just a Few Friendly Suggestions!
As always, keep an eye (or at least half an eye) on your piercing. No matter how long you've had it, you may still encounter metal allergies you weren't aware that you had, or infections from all sorts of bacteria. All piercings are susceptible to infection, but those on or in the nose and mouth are more at risk. The symptoms of both are often similar: redness, swelling, irritation, sensitivity to touch, the inability to remove or change your piercing jewelry, etc.
Be sure to keep your piercings clean at all times, with an alcohol or peroxide solution (or whatever product your piercing specialist recommends), and call your artist if you observe swelling or irritation for more than 24-48 hours. If you notice swelling that seems to improve once you remove a new piece of jewelry, double check the type of metal or material from which the jewelry is made. Make sure that, if you purchased a gold nose stud, it's pure gold. Some retailers and sites sell gold facial jewelry that's mixed with other metal alloys and compounds. This isn't a terrible practice, unless they aren't completely honest with their customers about the purity of the metal. While you may not be allergic to gold, you could be allergic to nickel, aluminum, etc. and, if your gold nose stud was blended with a material to which you are allergic, you will react as if you ARE allergic to gold. So, read the jewelry packaging (or product description and/or reviews, if you're purchasing the jewelry online) carefully, and watch out for any signs of allergy or infection.

Also, do your homework before and immediately after getting any facial piercing. You want as much information as you can possibly get before adding extra accessories to your body. Have an after-piercing care plan in place, and decide on the types of jewelry you’ll want to incorporate into your unique look, before you ever set foot in an artist’s shop.

The entire process (and you shopping afterwards) will become much less overwhelming, and much more fun!

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