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Gold Septum Rings

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Septum Ring - Indian Mystique Solid 14 K Gold
Nose Ring - Delicate Beauty
ragus Ring - Cool Breeze Solid 14 K Gold

Gold Septum Rings

Rumor has it that all that glitters is made from the one invaluable materialistic substance in the universe that can withstand the tests of time and humanity: gold. The same-ish rumors tell us that this precious gold makes the world go ‘round. Show of hands – has anyone seen this hypothesis disproved in the real world? Yeah, neither have we! But, we digress! For centuries, gold has been a symbol of social status, good taste, and, most importantly, wealth. In fact, in some cultures, you were practically a nobody unless you owned at least one large (or 3-10 extra large) pieces of gold jewelry. Of course, times have changed. Gold jewelry is a common, popular commodity, and we hardly look twice at someone else’s gold these days. Yet, in a world where, now, social status is something you find on the internet, good taste refers to food with literally NO flavor (have you ever eaten pureed kale? If you ever get the chance, pass it up-this coming from a devout vegetarian!), and wealth is measured in how many likes a person’s latest selfie gets, gold still thrives and shines, and becomes undoubtedly more valuable. Why? First, because it’s awesome, plain and simple. Second, we know more now about gold jewelry crafting! We have all kinds of ways to make gold a little lighter or darker tinted, or thinner or thicker, without detracting from the purity and durability of the metal. Not to mention that we can create just about any designs that anyone can possibly imagine with it! And, third, it’s really awesome! (We said “REALLY awesome” this time, not just “awesome,” so it counts)!

Yes, it is true that gold is still valuable, and in high enough demand, that it is also still a bit pricey. It’s simple supply and demand (plus inflation, and taxes… but that’s a soap box for another day). At Pata Pata Jewelry, you never have to worry about us taking out those high gold prices on you and your pocketbook, OR sacrificing the quality of the beautiful gold septum rings we sell to our tribe. We wouldn’t be helping you be your most beautiful selves if we did, and that’s just not who we are! Besides, how could we share our passion for rings, hoops, and studs with you all if we did anything less?? Just like with all our other hand crafted facial jewelry, our gold septum rings are top-of-the-line, carefully designed, and priced for those of us who haven’t yet made our fortunes.

Gold septum rings stand in a class all their own, all throughout the entire facial jewelry market and community. However, we do our best to keep our beloved jewelry a cloud (or nine!) above the rest!

Who Should Choose Gold, and Why?

The short answer is: everyone. However, you know we can’t keep important things short! One of the best things about gold septum rings is that they can either be traditional and classy, or wild and sexy! Gold even makes excellent antique type designs, so your septum ring could look as if it stepped straight out of the Victorian or Renaissance periods (yes, although they were only common in a handful of cultures and regions of the world, septum piercings DID exist during those eras)!

Men, we want you to know that this applies to you, as well! In fact, since diamonds are a girl’s best friend, why not let gold be yours? If your current (or future) wedding ring is gold, or has gold accents, why not get a custom-made gold septum to match? No one ever said you can’t know, or do, a thing or two about accessorizing! So, feel free to join our little tribe, and be proud of who you are!

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in our pierced and inked skin, and Pata Pata Jewelry is honored by the privilege of having a hand in helping our tribe members with that! We make all our gold septum rings, hoops and studs with the humble hope that you love your new look and take pride in showing it!

Where Do We Get Our Design Ideas?

The answer is, “Yes!” Everywhere, everything, and everyone you can imagine is an amazing source of inspiration for us as we hand craft the beautiful jewelry we sell on the site. We keep ALL interests and tastes in mind when we create new ideas, and we put the kind of effort and thought into each piece that we know you guys and gals would if YOU were creating the jewelry. Our biggest inspiration of all, however, is you! We gladly listen to your praise, your suggestions, and we will definitely pay attention to any complaints (IF you should have any; we know we’re not perfect, but we certainly don’t want to repeat a mistake, if we should make one!), so that we can continue making the kind and quality of septum rings you deserve, and love, to wear!

So Many Rings to Choose From!

That’s our favorite part! We are proud that we have such a wide selection to offer you! We’d also like to take this opportunity to mention that, as with all our septum rings, they come in gauge sizes including 14, 16, 18, and 20 gauge options. However, we also know that it can be a little overwhelming when trying to choose a gold septum ring that’s right for your style and personality. That’s why, after much deliberation, we came up with a list of some of our most popular and best-selling septum rings. The decision is, of course, up to you, but hopefully it will help narrow down the barrage of choices for you!

  • Cool Breeze and Neptune’s Child. We recommend these, not just because of they are among our top selling nose jewelry pieces, but also because, like a few of our other septum and nose rings, they come in more than one metal type! We have these two, as well as a few others, in both gold and silver. We also have a selection of rose gold septum rings, as well as rose gold nose studs and hoops. (In case you didn’t notice, we heart gold)!
  • Bindi Mod. This is one of our minimalist styles. Our tribe seems to love it because it matches just about any mood, occasion or outfit you may have!
  • Indian Mystique. This is another septum ring we offer in rose gold, as well as 14K gold and silver. Our sassy, spunky tribe members love it because, well, its sass speaks for itself!


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