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A gold septum ring is a jewelry designed and made especially for the septum pierce.
Being called ‘gold’ it should be made of solid (9k, 14k, 18k..) yellow, rose or white gold.
Gold plated septum rings, piercings that are made of gold filled should not be marked as septum gold.

Gold Septum Ring - Nicknames and Piercing Location

The basic shape of the jewelry is traditionally round and so, names such as: infinity, hoop or seamless are common as well.
The septum is the wall that separates the nostrils, the middle part of the nose. It is a very sensitive area as it accumulates many nerves. The ‘sweet spot’ is a small piece of skin located between the cartilage and the bottom of the nose, and is the one that is being pierced.
The cartilage is not commonly being pierced.
The ‘ring’ base of the piercing is the most common shape of septum rings, but a drop shape, a triangle, stirrup or square could be found as well.
An ornament made of gold, silver and other metals, diamonds, precious and semi precious stones, pearls and so are added to the basic ring shape of the jewelry.

rose gold septum
Model – pixy Emelie Axelson

Orientation and Benefits of Gold Septum Rings

Gold septum and nose piercing are still very common and popular in India.
They are considered a mark of beauty, a social standing and a traditional Hindu honor of Parvti, the goddess of marriage. Gorgeous gold septum rings and nose rings are a beautiful decorative integral wedding jewelry.
Despite being called a ‘gold septum ring’ there are septum rings that are made of 'cheap' metals plated with gold of different purity levels. Suspicious low prices could indicate that the jewelry is not made of solid gold.

Allergic reaction to gold is more rare, but plated jewelry could easily wear off, especially where it gets constantly rubbed against the skin, exposing the basic metal, which could cause irritation to the sensitive septum tissue.
Always look for the best quality, perfect finish, septum rings made by a reliable, qualified brand.
Wearing a gold septum ring is a perfect way to express yourself in a bold,
Maybe even a provocative way.
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