How to choose the right nose stud?

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The jewelry I'm wearing:
Septum Ring - Indian Mystique Solid 14 K Gold
Nose Stud - Parvati Solid 14 K Gold
Nose Ring - Delicate Beauty
ragus Ring - Cool Breeze Solid 14 K Gold

Hi Doron from Pata Pata Jewelry.
I want to answer your questions concerning nose stud and nose screws.
What size you are wearing? What jewelry to pick?
Well, you have been probably pierced with 18 gauge which is one millimeter. It's the most common size for nose rings and nose studs.
And it could be also 20 gauge which is point eight millimeters.

With gauge, the larger the number is the thinner the wire is.

So if you've been pierced with 18 and you pick 20 for your jewelry it's not going to be an issue it's just a tiny a hair of difference. As for that and of course if you stretch your jewelry so you should probably know what you are wearing now.  As for the length the stem of the jewelry this thing the common the common size is six millimeters. And if you have [luck] of very extremely thick nose it might be seven millimeters. Again, you should probably know if, if most jewelry don't fit you they are too tight so you're probably a seven.  If they are too loose we should probably go down a little. Maybe all the way to five millimeters. Now if you have this sweet tool you can measure from just behind the decoration until the bend where it bends. And that would make six millimeters. And if you are not sure you can just place the jewelry over ruler in the millimeter area on the millimeter side which is much more accurate and place it over a table and shoot it directly from above. And send it over so I can tell. I can see what the wire size is and you can also put it, it hurts. It is comfortable to show it like that. I guess they should shoot it from above myself, but if you place it to the length of the ruler and again shoot it from above. Okay like that. And shot it directly from above, we can see the length of the stem. Now, since I make  all jewelry by hand. I can make it in any size you like and any and you prefer wearing I can make it an L shape. Personally, I don't really like wearing an L shape because it's like it just pops out whenever it feels like when you sneeze when you sleep. And just whenever I really don't like wearing it, I like wearing the screw. Can you see, could you see the screw yeah.

This is what I'm wearing. Even if I pull it, it won't go out. Not that easy. I can also make you a bone, which I don't really like as well, but I can make it if you like wearing it. Yes. It's a jewel with a smaller figure like [ball] at the end. So when you put it in or take it out, it's like stretching it a little. But if you like it, I can make it for you. What else. I think this is it. These are the questions I get.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me here at doron@patapata jewelry.com. If you have any other questions concerning our nose jewelry. Feel free. And this is it for now. Bye.

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