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The Secrets To Sarah Jessica Parker’s Flawless Style

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flawless style

Are you a Sarah Jessica Parker fan? Oh, that’s a stupid question. Of course, you are! For sure, you are dying to know how you can dress up the way this stylish lady does! Well, you’re just in luck! In this articled, you will discover the secrets behind SJP’s looks. Here are some of them:

Think outside the box.

DO you know why Carrie was always a standout in all of her scenes at the SATC? Well, that is because she dresses differently. She always thinks outside the box. Although she is not the young woman that she once was, she still remained stylish and fashionable but she never looks too young or old for her age. Instead of going for the usual mom outfits, she tries to inject a casual and playful vibe in each and every outfit she wears. But she doesn’t overdo it. The key here is to wear a certain part of your clothing, like shoes or bags, that looks youthful and vibrant to balance off your look.

Wear your clothes with pride.

It’s true that Sarah Jessica Parker has unique taste in clothing and accessories but she never looks out of place. Why? That is because she feels and looks confident with whatever it is she is wearing. She doesn’t wear clothes just because it is the most stylish in the bunch. She wears clothes that she feels good and great in. That is always the key to the success of all of her outfits.

Keep it edgy.

There are times when SJP goes all out feminine but there are also some occasions when she adds a touch of edginess in her looks and she usually does it on the red carpet. Do you know what is the most memorable outfit she wore on the red carpet? A haute couture gown that she paired with a leather jacket. It is totally unexpected but she was able to pull off such look.

Show off what you have got.

One thing that we admire SJP for is that she knows her body figure and she knows how to showcase it. Indeed, she follows one of the most common style tips in the fashion industry—dress for your body type. She opts for pieces that highlights her figures instead of clothes that hug her body too tightly.

Give neutral colors a break.

If you want to stand out like she does, then you should give colors a chance. The best way to stand out is to take advantage of colors but make sure that you will not overdo it.

Who would not want to dress up the way Carrie in the famous Sex and the City does, right? For sure, ladies are dying to copy her personal style. Well, the secrets mentioned above got you covered! Just simply keep these in mind when dressing up and you can be a stylish diva like SJP. DO you have any other Sarah Jessica Parker style tips? If yes, please feel free to share it below!

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