How to put in a septum ring

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...the first time I tried to change my septum ring, (needless to say it was WAY too early. Impulsive… I know).
It was after some very long 15 mins or so, tens of tries and loads of deep “you can do it” breaths, that I found myself lying on the sofa, legs on the wall head hanging down, having my young daughter leaning over me, holding a torch pointed inside my nose, bravely guiding and encouraging me: “Yes mommy, you are almost there!! A little up, …to the right…don’t give up!! You can do it!”

I know… you just can’t wait to take out the initial, so generic septum piercing horseshoe and put in a septum ring that reflects your true self, that looks STUNNING on you…

Are we there yet?
When the pretty septum piercing is fully healed, shaking your head you can feel it shaking as well.
If you feel that your septum skin is kind of hugging the ring tight, that there is some resistance when you play with it, it means that it is not 100% healed but it doesn’t mean that you cannot replace it.
If you feel pain, stings when you play with your septum ring or still has some infection, it is too early. I know it is hard, but, you should wait some more. It is worth it!!

If your septum piercing is not 100% healed, it doesn’t mean that you cannot change it, but it could mean that it would be a little harder and that you might experience a small heart attack thinking you lost it forever :)

Model - stunning Natascha Pedersen
Septum Ring - Gold septum ring - Cool Breeze

Prepare for taking it out
If your mirror is placed over a sink,
Cover the sink hole!
Use a cup, a piece of paper, your fav cream jar, your cat… anything. Just don’t make that mistake.

Wash your hands clean. Looking at the mirror, using your fingers feel and find where your piercing is. Take your time, get to know each other… Because of its location, it is pretty impossible to actually see the spot so make sure that you have a good idea where it is located.

Prepare the new septum piercing ring that you are about to put in. Twist it carefully, not too much, as in the example below. How-To-Open-Your-Septum-Ring-Pata-Pata-Jewelry Put it on a clean surface (tissue paper, cotton wool) sterilize the jewelry that you are about to put in, your hands and your septum pierce from both sides using cotton buds and the antiseptic that your piercing studio recommended to you after getting it done.
Septum Ring Gold
Model - Amelie Axelson
Septum Ring - Neptune's Child 
Unscrew one end and begin to pull the horseshoe out. Stop when the end is just about to go through the pierce and out. At this point, you can place the new septum ring in a way that its tip touches the tip of the horseshoe,
Then pull the old one and push the new one at the same time in a way that the old jewelry kind of guides the new jewelry in.
If you find this way too complicated, simply pull the horseshoe out, take a deep breath and carefully find the way in with your new jewelry.
If your septum piercing is not 100% healed, it could take a while to find it.
Be very gentle, try not to irritate your septum too much and don’t worry, it’s still there!
It didn’t go anywhere, it just contracted a little (a fully healed pierce won't contact and is easy to find).
After a few tries, clean the tip of the jewelry again and your piercing hole with the antiseptic.
When you are sure you found the right place, you might need to use some gentle force to push it back in. With a cured one, it will easily go in.

Once it is in, YESSS! YOU ROCK!!! twist the ring's tips back to line up, and clean your pierce with antiseptic once again, To make sure.

Too scared to do it yourself?
Don’t give up and compromise on that horseshoe ring. It’s nice…Kind of…But…
Step into your piercing studio. They sure would love to help you.

How did it go the first time you tried to change your septum ring?
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