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Need Some Help Shining Out Loud? Tragus!

As a member of this awesome tribe, you most likely love loving who you are to let your uniqueness shine loud and proud, for all the world to see. That is our hope for all our lovely tribe members, and we fully support and heart all types of shining! As a result, we have put a lot of time and hard work into our line of tragus piercing jewelry. We want to do our absolute best to help you shine as loudly (and proudly) as you can!

So, This One Friend

Ok, so you all know how we love a good story, right? Especially when we are fortunate enough for those stories to directly relate to our love of celebrating uniqueness or our deeply rooted love for facial jewelry, or BOTH! Well, get ready, tribe! It’s story time!

A friend of one of our staff members has been really shy most of her life, and kinda self-conscious. Said staff member had been explaining our philosophy about being unique and proud, and the friend really seemed to dig the idea. (For simplicity’s and privacy’s sakes, we’ll call our staff member Sue, and her friend, Jane).

So, while Jane loved the ideas that Sue was presenting to her (subscribed to her metaphorical newsletter, so to speak), she was having trouble getting past her shyness barriers and feeling confident in her own skin. When Sue told us that she was bringing Jane to meet us, we were thrilled! After all, it isn’t every day that we get to corrupt someone who has completely virgin (a.k.a. untattooed and unpierced) skin, mwahahaha!

Jane was, indeed, quite shy and modest, but she was (and still is) one of the sweetest people ever! And, as it turned out, she adores tattoos and piercings, even though (as we mentioned) she has none of her own. She and Sue had been friends for about two years, and even Sue didn’t know this until we all talked over coffee that day. Of course, our crew was happy to discuss tats and the ways of the “metal” heads with her, and her enthusiasm grew with every word! In fact, she said that she was seriously considering taking the piercing plunge, if only she could figure out which piercing(s) she liked best BEFORE she made them permanent. Lucky for her, we could certainly help her out with that!

We took her back to our “shop,” where she tried on some “mock” facial jewelry. For those who don’t know, it’s facial jewelry that you can “clip” to various parts of your face temporarily. You should have seen this sweet lady get excited and open up in spite of her shyness! It was much like watching a child at Christmas! She tried on every faux piercing jewelry we had, and we watched as her confidence (and her chattiness) grew with each one.

They ALL looked great on her (not just because we heart facial jewelry, btw… she really is a beautiful woman, and her facial features were nicely complimented by each one), but at last, she made her decision. Ms. Jane chose… you got it… a tragus piercing!

The crew was absolutely thrilled for her as she and Sue left the shop. Jane herself was so excited that she was heading straight from our shop to a piercing specialist Sue recommended. Sue, of course, went with her, and less than two hours later, Sue called us to tell us all about it. However, we could hardly hear Sue over Jane’s squeals of delight and happiness in the background. She couldn’t wait to show us, so she had Sue take pics and send them to us. Her tragus piercing stud was a modest one (as most of the jewelry during the initial piercing tends to be) but we could already see how much she was gonna love it.

Freshly adorned with her tragus earring, Jane went straight home, dragging a super-psyched Sue along with her, and scoured our site’s selection of tragus jewelry. After much deliberation, she decided on two of our many tragus hoop rings, two of our simple but elegant tragus stud gold earrings, and a few more from our expansive tragus jewelry collection (keep in mind that she still had to wait 6-8 weeks to change them out, THAT is how excited she was)!

Long story short(ish), her tragus has fully healed, her tragus piercing stud long since removed, and she is positively radiant! Sue brought her back to visit us to show off the new look she chose since getting her tragus pierced, and we could hardly believe that was the same shy, timid woman whom we had helped just weeks before! She could not stop smiling, and she even gushed about her plans to get another facial piercing AND a tattoo the following week!

The Moral of the Story

We were (and ARE) beyond thrilled to have helped that young woman feel as beautiful as she is, and we want nothing more than to do the same for the rest of our tribe (although you don’t have to come to our shop to get the same advice or guidance)! And, we are not saying that a tragus piercing is the absolute right one for you (although, admittedly, tragus piercings look amazing on EVERYONE we have encountered with one), but we do have a lot of know-how when it comes to these piercings, and our selection of tragus earrings and tragus piercing jewelry is hard to beat!

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