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The Style Tips To Know Before Trying out The Crop Top Trend

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crop top

Walk down the streets and you will see lots of women wearing crop tops. Watch TV and you will see lots of celebs pulling off the crop top look. Go to fashion shows and you can see lots of models sporting the crop top as they kill the runway. Truly, crop tops are everywhere. If you have always wanted to try out a crop top but you do not know where to start, we have some of the information that you need below:

Opt for a high waisted bottom.

If you do not like to bare it all, you can try making up for the lack of fabric of your crop top by opting for a bottoms with high waist. In this way, you can rock two trends, cover some of your skin and you can also add height to your body. For best results, we recommend that you pair this ensemble with pumps so your legs will look like they can go on and on forever!

Keep it youthful.

If you are not that confident in wearing the flimsy and flowy crop tops, we recommend that you start with the basics. And what is the basic? Choose ones with a thicker material (like the ones used in sweaters). In addition to that, you can also opt for longer crop tops. In this way, you can join the trend while still looking modest.

Opt for long sleeves.

One of the biggest struggles that you will encounter when wearing the crop top is that you will show off lots of skin. The best way to combat that is to opt for one with longer sleeves. This will also keep your outfit look as balanced as possible.

Keep it loose.

If you are a bit conscious about your tummy area, then you do not have to choose a fitted crop top. Instead, opt for one that is loose fitting. A baggier fit will surely help to ease some of your nervousness. Plus, it will also make you feel a lot more confident and it will be a refreshing approach on wearing crop tops.

Tie it up.

If you just wish to test the waters but you do not want to fully commit to it, do not buy a  crop top just yet. Instead, get a button down top, leave a few buttons at the bottom part unbuttoned then tie up the hem.

Yes, cropped is back! This staple has been popular in the 70’s and it has come back with a bang! Anyone who’s anyone is wearing it and it is about time that you do to. But before you do that, it is recommended that you keep in mind the tips mentioned above and you can surely rock this trend. So are you excited to join the craze about the crop top? If you already have pulled off the crop top look, maybe you can share to us some more styling ideas at the comment section?

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