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The 90’s Wardrobe Staple: Denim Jacket Style Tips

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Denim jacket

Whether you admit it or not, 90’s fashion trends are making a comeback—a big one, actually. Why are we saying this? Well, it is because the biggest fashion trends of the trend are now back conquering the runways, the glossy magazine pages and of course, the tv screens. Today, you can see celebs, actresses and models wearing chokers, midi skirts, high cut sneakers and many more. One of the most popular piece of clothing during the 90’s that is making a big statement today is no other than the denim jacket.

Aside from its style factor, the denim jacket has become popular with the ladies because of its versatility. You can pair it with heels or sneakers, pants or maxi dresses, casual or formal. In addition to that, there are many ways on how you can wear it. You want to know what these ways are? Well, read on below:


The more rugged the denim jacket looks, the better it would be. If that is the case, there is no better way to make your jacket look more stylish than adding some patches to it. And you will surely be happy to know that you do not have to buy a new denim jacket just to jump into the bandwagon. You can just easily make your jacket a DIY project! Just simply buy some patches from a crafts store and sew it into your jacket. Pair your patched jacket with a girly dress and finish off the look with a high cut edgy boots.


Who says that a denim jacket should always be tight fitting? If you wish to maximize the casual look of your denim jacket, opt for one that is oversized. You can wear it as a contrasting piece to an extremely feminine outfit.

Faded/ Washed Out/ Colored

Well, your denim jacket should not always be blue. Today, there denim pieces have been revamped by subjecting it into various treatments like bleaching. If you want to amp up the style factor of your jacket, you can opt for ones that are washed out. For best results, you can try pairing it with a structured piece of clothing like a pantsuit.


Truly, there is beauty in the undone. To achieve this look, we recommend that you fray the bottom part of your denim jacket. It will help you achieve an effortless sexy look that will exude an unparalleled charm. You can wear it over a tank top and denim ensemble.

There you go--- the many ways on how you can wear the popular denim jacket. Try any of the tips mentioned above and you will surely be able to pull off the ultimate denim jacket outfit. So which of these styles will work best for you? Did we miss other denim jacket style tips? If yes, then share to us your ideas at the comment section. We would surely love to hear from you!

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