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A silver septum ring is a piercing jewelry made of solid 925 sterling silver, designed especially for the septum piercing.
It could also be referred to as hoop, infinity or seamless.

Silver Septum Ring - Common Location, Shape and Handling

The septum is the middle of the nose, the wall that separates the nostrils.
The septum piercing itself is normally located in a small piece of skin in the gap between the cartilage and the bottom of the nose, being called 'the sweet spot'.
The cartilage is not being pierced.
Although called a 'ring', the base of the piercing jewelry is not always a whole hoop, although it is the most common shape,
But could sometimes be shaped as an upside down drop, a stirrup, a square and could range from dainty small septum piercing to very large and extravagant.
It could be worn as is, a simple basic ring shape, or, the ring can serve as a base upon which the unique decoration of each jewelry is being added:
Ornaments made of different metals such as silver or gold, precious or semi precious stones, pearls, etc.

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Model – Stunning Obsidian Kerttu 

The right way to open a septum ring without damaging the metal or the initial hoop shape, is to twist it open, sideways.
Pulling the ends away from each other will cause the ring to lose its original round shape and could very quickly wear out the metal.

Various Types of Silver Septum Rings

There are septum rings which are called 'silver septum ring' but rather being made of solid sterling silver,
Different 'cheap' metals are used to create the base of the jewelry and are plated with silver of different purity levels.
Such septum rings are usually sold at very low prices, could be of a poor quality and could easily cause your septum piercing healing process to deteriorate.
Poor quality septum rings could easily break, deform, peel off or cause an allergic reaction - all of which you surely want to avoid.

Always look for best quality septum rings made by a reliable, qualified brand. It's a rather small, fun to wear, jewelry that makes a big difference!
Located at the center of your face, unique and cool, it makes a strong statement. Whether tiny, dainty, bold, fierce - it sure has a lot of presence.
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