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How To Wear Overalls The Sexy Lady Way

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Overall dress in a sexy lady way

Overalls is most probably one of the controversial trends that exist nowadays. Why do we say that? Well, wear one of these to work or to a party and you will hear people cracking jokes about being a farmer, barn raising or worse, they would claim that you are a twenty something year old woman dressing in toddler clothes.

They can say all they want but the joke’s on them. These people do not know a thing or two about how convenient, versatile and stylish overalls can be. But how can you make sure that you can make the most out of the stylish and sexy appeal of an overall? Well, here are some styling tips that you should keep in mind.

Pair it with a  crop top.

Are you not that confident with how your belly looks but you want to wear a crop top anyway? Well, you can do that by wearing it underneath your overalls. This is the best tip for those people who wish to join the crop trend but would not want to fully commit to it. In addition to that, it is also one good way to show off your flirty and sexy side while concealing your tummy bump at the same time. Finish off the entire look with sneakers (for the day) and pumps (for night time).

Wear feminine accessories.

Overalls have the tendency to make you look boyish and a child. To add some feminine look to your outfit, wearing feminine accessories like a glittery headband, a chain necklace, a cuff or a watch is the best way to go. Roll up the edge of the overalls and don a pair of gorgeous clogs to complete the look.

Make it office-ready.

Do you think that overalls are just for casual dates or errand days? Well, you should think again. You can actually wear it to the office too. How can you do that? Simple! Just wear a button down collared shirt underneath your overalls. Opt for a pair of gorgeous heels and pick a formal yet sexy handbag and you are good to go!

Go laidback.

Do you want to wear something is extremely casual and chic? Well, we have the perfect idea for you! Wear a bandeau underneath your overalls to achieve that sexy nonchalance. If this is a bit too revealing for you, then you can choose to wear a kimono jacket over your overalls.

Be a summer chic.

Add a touch of boho to the playful charm of overalls by wearing a white lace top underneath it. Finish the look with floral wedges, floppy straw hat and oversized sunnies. Wear this and let people see that overalls are not just for the farm—it can be for the beach too!

With the styling tips mentioned above, people will never look at overalls the same way again. Do you have other stylish tips on how to wear overalls? Did we miss something out? If so, please do not hesitate to share more ideas at the comment section. Many fashionistas would surely love to hear from you.

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