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How To Wear a Shirt Dress Without Looking Like a Plain Jane

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shirt dress

The shirt dress looks just like a shirt but its hem extends up to just above the knee to look like a dress. The main reason why women love this type of this dress is its versatility. It can be paired with pumps, strap on sandals, sneakers and even, boots! In addition to that, it is also very comfortable. However, there is one downside to it—it tends to make you look super plain. But worry not, here are some styling tips to your rescue!

Pair it with fedora.

If you wish to look stylish without losing the chill factor of the dress, then you should pair it with an equally chill and relaxed piece of accessory just like the fedora hat. This is a perfect outfit especially for people who are on city tours. For best results, pair your fedora hat with either a chambray or a denim shirt dress and a pair of gorgeous looking sneakers.

Leather it up!

How do you make you shirt dress look edgy and be winter ready? Well, you only need one piece of clothing. That will be no other than your forever reliable leather jacket! Again, this is best worn with a chambray dress. For best results, pair it with high ankle boots or black sneakers.

Try out alternative fashion.

Yes, even a simple piece of clothing like a shirt dress can rock the alternative look if styled the right way. In order to do that, we recommend that you opt to wear a pair of sheer leggings or if you are daring enough, fishnet stockings, underneath your shirt dress. Pair it with a high cut boots and you will surely be the queen of alternative fashion.

Mix prints.

Is your shirt dress printed? Worry not! You can try wearing prints on prints. Just simply pair your printed shirt dress with a printed jacket. Just make sure that the print of the jacket has the same colors or shades as your dress and you are good to go.

Scarf is the answer.

If you wish to show off your sexy curves through your shirt dress, no problem! That is an easy thing to do. You can opt to cinch your waist with a belt. But if that is too common for you, one unexpected way to style your shirt dress is to use a scarf instead of a belt to cinch your waist. Make sure that you use a printed scarf!

Shirt dresses might just be the most comfortable type of dress that you can ever wear! However, its plain and simple style will make you look like a Plain Jane if you will not follow the style tips that we have mentioned above! If you are one of those women who love wearing dress shirts, maybe you have more styling ideas to share? Do not hesitate to write them at the comment box!

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