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Copy Rihanna’s Coveted Style With These Style Tips!

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style tips

When it comes to style and fashion, we cannot deny the fact that Rihanna is at the top of her game. After all, this pop star is popular for her love for drama and theatrics when it comes to dressing up. For sure, you will be a bit intimidated and you may think that her style tips are a bit difficult to follow but surprise surprise! Some of Rihanna’s styles tips are actually quite (surprisingly) practical!

So are you ready to dress up like Rihanna? If yes, then here are some of the style tips from the pop star herself!

Splurge in menswear jacket.

When it comes to jacket, the bigger, the better it is! In addition to that, a good jacket will look good with anything. It can keep you warm while making any silhouette look more edgy and sophisticated. But more than that, it gives your outfit an attitude and makes it more eye catching. So invest in a good menswear jacket—you will definitely need it!

Suffer the pain of stilettos.

Well, this is one tip that we are expecting from a pop star like Rihanna—suffer the pain of stilettos because it will be worth it! If there is one look that you wish to achieve, then you should set your heart to it and fully commit to it. So if you want an eye catching, sexy look, you have to endure the pain that comes with wearing stilettos. It may be painful but rest assured, it is worth it!

Be brave enough to bare some skin.

Ever wondered why Rihanna is so freaking fabulous? Well, that is because she dares to bare! According to the pop star, if she is wearing a top, she would forego the bra but if she is wearing a bra, that is the only thing she wears.

Go for costume jewelry.

There is nothing more eye catching than a really gorgeous pair of statement jewelry. For your information, your jewelry does not have to be expensive for it to look amazing and fabulous as long as it is eye catching. Yes, you can buy from department stores or boutiques. Just make sure that they will make your outfit stand out.

But still, be you.

When it comes to fashion, never ever try too hard. Just simply work with what works for you. Embrace your personal style—many people will love you for doing so!

Do you think it is impossible for you to dress like a pop star? Well, think again! With the style tips that Rihanna has provided for us, we can definitely be able to know how to dress the way she does!

If you still have a few questions on how to dress up like Rihanna or you wish to share a few style tips with us, feel free to type them in the comments section. We would love to hear from you!

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