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How To Look Sexy While Wearing A Shirt Dress

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shirt dress

Many people think that when it comes to fashion, style and comfort don’t mix and that is the reason why most women shy away from wearing simple dresses like a shirt dress. Many women think that while they can feel comfortable wearing a shirt dress, it will  be impossible for them to look stylish and sexy when wearing it. They think that it will make them look frumpy.  Well, we certainly beg to differ!

The truth is, there are many ways on how you can look sexy while wearing a short dress. If you wish to make your shirt dress look as stylish as possible, take a look at these tips:

Have the shift dress tailored.

Yes, it is true, shift dresses tend to be loose and flowy. Sometimes, it can be bigger for your size. To remedy this, we recommend that you try to bring your shift dress to a tailor so that he can customize it to fit your body size. Keep in mind that half of style is the fit of your clothes so have it tailored and rest assured, you will look sexy and elegant in your shirt dress. Make sure to ask the tailor customize the dress to fit your curves but make sure that it should not be too tight nor too loose.

Opt for colorful or printed ones.

Yes, shift dresses may look plain and boring. Yes, these have the tendency to make you look like a Plain Jane. But did you know that there is way on how you can get out of this Plain Jane rut? Well, we recommend that you try to put some spice into it by opting for colorful or printed ones. If you can find one, try to opt for a shift dress that feature the color blocking style wherein there is a solid black or dark color in the side that will highlight your curves.

Make sure that they are of the right length.

Some dresses are too short. If you will wear a too short shirt dress, it will be unflattering for you. This is most especially true if you have a heavy set of thighs. That is why you should try to shy away from short dresses as much as possible.

Wear it with flats.

You may think that the best way for you to look tall when wearing a shift dress is by wearing high heels but if you are a petite woman, this will make you look otherwise.

So, who would have thought that a shirt dress can make you look sexy? All you need are the right style tips like that we have mentioned above! So start putting these tips to practice and you can surely look smoking in your shirt dress!

Do you have more questions on how to look sexy when wearing a shirt dress? Or do you want to share more shirt dress style tips with us? Please let us know in the comments section!

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