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A black septum ring is a piercing jewelry designed especially for the septum.
It could be made from a variety of traditional and modern black or black plated materials, such as:
A bull horn, black wood, water buffalo horn, oxidized silver, black plated surgical steel, bio-plastic, etc.

Black Septum Ring - Shapes and Sizes

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They come in many shapes and sizes from the traditional tribal septum piercing tusk and bone shapes, all the way to the modern decorative rings.
Although it is the most common shape is being called a 'ring', the base of the piercing jewelry is not always round.
It could have different forms such as: triangle, upside down drop, a stirrup, a square and more.
For a feminine yet bold look, a naked black ring alone can do the job. If "should i get a septum piercing" thoughts crossed your mind recently, Choosing a decorated black ring will give you so many more ways to express yourself:
Oxidized silver decorations, precious or semiprecious stones, black or white pearls, or a combination of both. You can easily, at home, turn your silver septum rings to black.

Home Made Black Septum Rings

Oxidizing sterling silver septum rings to black is practically accelerating the creation of tarnish, a natural reaction of silver to oxygen.
The way to do that is to dip your sterling silver septum rings in liver of sulfur, which can be bought in jewelry supply shops.
Before you go on and dip them, you need first to carefully clean the septum jewelry from any cosmetics leftovers, finger prints, wax and such, as it may prevent the reaction from happening and leave you with a non even result.

There are a few important cautions steps you should know before oxidizing your jewelry to black, some of them are:
Make sure to have this process in fresh air (the smell is horrible!, so even just for that reason, fresh air is a must),
Never touch the liver of sulfur with non-protected hands.
Have baking soda on hand to stop the process and neutralize the LOS solution.
You can read about it in details in my “Black ‘em all – black septum rings” article.
Choosing a black septum ring is the perfect wicked touch of darkness to any Goth and black style. It complements theatrical makeup as well as “everyday black”, and spices your spirit.
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