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How To Wear Your Skinny Jeans in Brand New Ways

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skinny jeans

While last year was a great year for skinny jeans, we have seen the downfall of skinny jeans due to the rise in popularity of loose and flare pants this year. If you will take a look at the Instagram posts of various celebs and models, you may have seen that they have already turned their backs on the skinny jeans trend.

But before you throw out all of your skinny jeans, there is one thing that we want you to know—there are fresh, brand new ways on how you can wear your skinny jeans and make it look your own. What are these ways? Well, these are as follows:

Wear statement-making footwear.

Since skinny jeans are already past their prime, the best way that you can do to make them modern again is to wear it with modern-looking and trendy footwear. If you are going for a casual and laidback look, we recommend wearing strappy flats. If you are feeling a bit sporty, we recommend wearing it with white sneakers. If you wish to make your skinny jeans winter-ready, the best footwear would be no other than ankle boots in a unique color like white or nude.

Go the rock star route.

Who says you can no longer look like a rock star with your skinny jeans? We beg to differ! If you wish to unleash your inner rock star, we recommend that you go for a black skinny jeans, pair it with pointed ankle boots in the same shade and pair the entire look with zebra printed fur coat that will make you look edgy while keeping yourself warm all at the same time. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone! In this case, with a pair of skinny jeans!

Keep it classy.

If you wish to stick to the classics, then you can use your skinny jeans too! What we recommend is pairing it with your button down long sleeve top in white shade. Do not forget to tuck it inside your skinny jeans to achieve a sexy silhouette. Pair it with an equally classy pointed black pumps or wedge in any print that you want (but we think pumps is the best option!) and finish off the look by wearing an eye catching gold chain necklace around your neck. If you wish to accessorize more, you can go for a red clutch or shoulder bag.

There you go—a classy look that will remain forever trendy! There you go—the best and latest ways on how to wear your skinny jeans! Keep in mind that when it comes to fashion, you can revive old trends and update them to suit the current trend, just like the ways that we have mentioned above.

Do you have more questions on how to wear your skinny jeans in brand new ways? Or maybe you have a few more style tips that you wish to share with us? If so, then please go to our comments section!

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