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Septum Piercing Studio

Doron Liberman Gabay
Owner, Designer, Goldmith


Creating septum rings is my way of meditating.

Shaping tiny pieces of gold and silver, carefully arranging them on my soldering stone, Taming a super powerful flame into a delicate but determent uniting force… That moment – when different pieces of metal become a jewelry underneath my hands, Is a most beautiful, magical, such an exciting moment I never get tired of. To be honest – I’m pretty much addicted to it. I love closely watching a raw jewelry, that fragile stage where you can still see where it came from and what it’s about to become. There is so much beauty in it. Sometimes I truly wish to simply leave it like this. I appreciate the strength of simplicity, the power of minimalism and the diversity and harmony that could be expressed in a single line. Being a student of Japanese martial arts and Japanese calligraphy, those great arts, their aesthetics, concepts and spiritual elements influence my designs.

When designing new septum rings, I always imagine the person I’m designing it for in front of me.

I imagine how my septum rings will complement their overall style on one hand, And how can they take it to a higher level on the other. Think how much power it has – a pretty small jewelry in such a central spot. You can never go unnoticed. I find that being able to help others express themselves in a cool, exciting way is a great privilege for me. A true gift.

I love dreaming, I love creating. I’m constantly looking for new thrills.

Experimenting, getting dirty and sometimes hurt and burnt in the process… The great excitement and satisfaction of turning pieces of metal into a jewelry, Such a significant and a powerful one. Seeing my septum rings on their new gorgeous owners, well, I can hardly put it in words. It sometimes even makes my eyes tear. This why I make septum rings.

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