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Silver Nose Rings

Nose Ring

Let’s take a closer look at one of the most amazing facial piercings in the history of… well, piercings: the nose ring. It is considered to be the father of all facial accessories and jewelry. Many cultures use nose rings for all types of reasons. Some use them as symbols representing status or age. Others elect to add them to other facial piercings to represent accomplishments within their tribe or village. No matter the culture’s reason, it’s obvious that nose rings have been an important part of the world longer than most people realize.

Today, nose rings are a staple in the world of alternative fashion. So, we at Pata Pata strive to ensure that our tribe members have a selection that is as unique as each one of them, so that they can feel 100% themselves in a world where so many people celebrate this facial piercing. Our silver nose rings do just that, and, as with all our other facial jewelry, our gauges range from 14, 16, 18, and 20 gauges. Also, like our other silver pieces, our metal is pure; not blended with nickel or other metals that can irritate or inflame your skin. Your health and comfort are as important to us as the way you look in our jewelry, so we always ensure that you can rely on our silver septum ring selection without hesitation.

Who wears this accessory?

In our culture, as we mentioned, nose rings are a big deal amongst the alternative community. Many alternative models have nose rings that complement other facial piercings. However, nose rings aren’t just for the alternative crowd. Several celebrities, such as Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Rooney Mara and Kelly Clarkson have sported nose rings as a symbol of self-expression and a representation of their confidence. In most cases, trend or fashion fads start with a small, specific group, and gradually spread through an entire community. A simple clothing statement can be the next hot thing to storm the entire fashion industry.

However, with the dynamic and fast-paced environment of today’s world, it is very important to not let yourself become overwhelmed with what’s trendy and forget who you are. Don’t overthink your accessories, just because the red carpet told you to. It’s ok to love the trends, but love yourself enough to make some of these trends your own!

Nose Rings have a wide variety of designs to choose from!

The silver nose studs we sell are no exception to our hand-crafted motif. We make our nose studs with the same love for individuality and uniqueness that we have for you, and for the rest of our inventory! Here are some of our favorites, to help you choose the one that’s perfect for your beautiful face:

  • Prosperity Mandala. Are you looking for something bigger and brighter than a casual, quiet silver nose ring? Then say hello to this beaut! Our Prosperity Mandala is stylish and bold, and we think you will be as proud to wear this silver nose ring as we are to make it!
  • Eternal Balance. If you need a little something to top off that perfect look, this is the nose ring for you! The Eternal Balance nose ring provides the perfect accent to your style, adding just the right amount of you to balance out the rest. (Hence, the name)!
  • Angel Tears. Don’t worry; this nose ring doesn’t really make angels cry (not tears of pain or sadness, at least)! Though, with this ring, you might make a halo or two a little envious of the beauty it makes you feel!
  • My Lil Chakra. Don’t let the “Lil” part fool you… Although this nose ring is small, its impact on your wardrobe, and your friends, is huge! Get lost in the hypnotic spirals, and feel free to let others get lost, too!
  • We have many other designs, sizes and material that you can choose from, as well! We encourage you to take your time browsing our site, come back as many times as you like, and even read some of our blog posts before making your decision about your new silver nose ring, or other facial jewelry. From simple, round and straight forward type of nose rings to a more complex, sophisticated and gorgeous nose rings, you can use or choose any type of nose ring! No matter which one interests you, you can’t go wrong with adding one of our lovely silver nose rings to your daily accessory list. In fact, your new nose ring could be one of the most amazing ways ever of expressing your creativity, imagination, and individuality!

    Style it, be bold!

    No matter which nose ring you choose, or how you decide to accentuate it, you can’t go wrong with staying to true to yourself, and the things you love. Do you like black lipstick and red eyeshadow, or vice versa? Flaunt it! Are you a fan of natural shades and clear glosses, but go heavy on the eyeliner? Awesome! Our silver nose rings complement just about anything (and definitely anyone), so feel free to… well, feel free!

    In many circumstances, the way others view nose rings and other facial piercings is different from the way you perceive them. Ignore it, ignore it, ignore it! Ultimately, it all boils down to you, and how YOU feel about them, and about yourself! Carry yourself with pride, and be bold, because you don’t owe anyone an explanation for being yourself!

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