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The Trendy Ways To Wear A Turtle Neck

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trendy ways to style and wear your turtle neck dress

When you take a look at the turtle neck sweater, it looks outdated and boring. In fact, it may seem like this type of sweater will no longer pass the standards of the fashion industry today. But did you know that there are lots of ways on how you can make a turtleneck look more updated and modern? Yes, take a look at the styling tips that we have below:

Keep it simple.

The charm and allure of a turtle neck sweater will shine when you pair it with simple yet casual clothes. For a simple yet stunning look, we recommend that you just simply pair it with a pair of cropped pants and a good ol’ loafers. It does not have to be glamorous or extravagant. You just have to let the simple charm of this sweater stand out.

Wear it under a blazer.

Are you still cold even if you already have your sweater on? If yes, you can make your outfit warmer (and your clothes look more fashionable) by wearing a blazer over it. For best results, we recommend that you pair it with a blazer that has an eye catching print like florals or animal print. Finish off the entire look with black skinny pants and footwear with chunky heels.

Pair it with an evening skirt.

Tired of wearing your turtle neck with pants? Then spice up your look by pairing it with an unexpected pair—an evening maxi skirt. To achieve the most stylish look, opt for a maxi skirt with bold prints like flowers and polka dots. Keep it looking elegant by wearing a statement necklace.

Wear it under a top.

Do you want to make your turtle neck stand out without it being a bit boring? If you do, then  there is one thing that we recommend. You should wear it a stunning top with a plunging neckline so the neckline of your sweater will stand out. Wear it with a skirt and don a pair of knee high boots to give it that edgy effect.

Wear it under a jumper.

Overalls and turtle neck sweaters? Always the perfect combination! With this style, you can be able to wear your overalls during the winter season plus you will also get to style your turtleneck sweater in a unique yet fun and playful way!

So there you go—here are the ways to make turtle neck look a lot cooler than they really are. If you are planning to update your winter wardrobe, you do not have to shell out huge amounts of money! The only thing that you have to do is to wear your clothes in a more modern way like the ones that we have mentioned above! Do you love turtle neck sweaters? If yes, what are the things that you like about it? Do share some of your thoughts at the comment section!

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