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The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Boyfriend Jeans

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boyfriend jeans

Today, skinny jeans is so out of the picture. There is now a great trend in the denim revolution and it is no other than the boyfriend jeans. This type of jeans has a totally opposite cut from your favorite skinny jeans so it may seem a bit tricky to wear and style at first.

If you are afraid that the loose fitting style will not suit you well, trust us when we say that you can pull it off. You only have to keep in mind the following do’s and don’ts when styling your boyfriend jeans.

Do roll the hem.

The main reason why people love the boyfriend jeans is because of its cool, casual and laidback effect. But if you will not be careful, this loose fit will make you look like a mom. To avoid that from happening, we recommend that you roll the hem. Make sure that the hem will land just  a few inches above your ankle.

Do not leave your shirt untucked.

It is important that you show off your waist when you wear boyfriend jeans. Sadly, your waist tend to get lost when you will leave your shirt untucked when wearing boyfriend jeans. In the event that you are wearing a non-fitted shirt, make sure that you tuck it in. If you are not confident in tucking in your shirt, try to do a half-tuck. Just simply leave the back hanging out to pull off the ultimate street style look.

Do pair your boyfriend jeans with a dressy top.

At times, boyfriend jeans will reach borderline masculine. To tame down its masculinity, we recommend that you balance the entire look by pairing it with a sexy or feminine top. You can pair it with a peplum tube top or a glitter off shoulder top. Roll the hem then pair it with a pair of pointed pumps. Now, you are ready for date night!

Don’t forget the belt.

Even though this type of jeans is designed to have that loose fit, a sagging pair of jeans is never flattering. If your boyfriend jeans is too loose for you, it is recommended that you wear it with a belt so you can achieve the perfect fit.

Do wear it with other edgy clothing pieces.

Want to make the most out of your edgy boyfriend jeans? Max up its edgy factor by pairing it with other eye catching pieces of clothing like a statement shirt, ankle boots and leather jacket.

So you see, styling boyfriend jeans is not that difficult. Sure, there are a few guidelines but just simply follow the do’s and don’ts that we have mentioned above and you will look perfect in your jeans. Do you like wearing boyfriend jeans? If yes, do you have more tips and styling ideas to share to us? Please share your thoughts at the comment section!

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