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The Different Ways To Wear The Famous Bomber Jacket

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famous bomber jacket

Are you looking for ways to make your outfits look edgy and eye catching? Do you want to add more oomph to the clothes that you usually wear? If yes, then we have just the thing! What are we talking about? It is no other than the famous bomber jacket.

Before, bomber jacket is just for men but in this modern world that we are living in, more and more women are falling in love with menswear pieces and it includes the bomber jacket. If you wish to know how you can incorporate this piece of clothing in your daily looks, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Let its sporty look shine through.

Characterized by its fitted shoulders and banded waist, the bomber jacket already looks sporty in itself but if you wish to boost its sporty factor, the best thing that you can do is to pair it with a pair of white sneakers. If you wish to keep it simple, you can opt for white sneakers. But if you want to add a playful and feminine touch to it, we recommend that you go for pink sneakers. Of course, this would look best with skinny jeans and bright colored sunglasses.

Make it preppy.

Believe it or not, bomber jackets are flexible enough to pull off a preppy look. How do you do that? Just simply pair your bomber jacket with any types of flats. You can go for ballerina flats, oxford shoes, boots and many more. One outfit that we have in mind is to pair your bomber jacket with cropped top, skater skirt and metallic shoes.

Pull off a feminine look.

The bomber jacket may be designed for the men but there is no denying that females look amazing when wearing it. And you know what? You can use this jacket to create a feminine look. How? Just simply pair it with any type of skirt—maxi, mini, midi, pleated, pencil and many more. This will balance off your look, adding a great contrast to what is supposed to be an extremely feminine outfit.

Look like the perfect stylish college girl.

For a more youthful and playful approach on wearing bomber jackets, we recommend that you go back to your roots—your college girl roots! You can pair it with your usual college outfit staples including a leather shorts, black top, and black sandals.

Go printed.

If you want to make your bomber jacket look more trendy and eye catching, we recommend that you opt for a bomber jacket in different prints. Lucky for you, there are plenty of printed bomber jackets nowadays—from floral to animal to graphic and many more.

Bomber jackets come in different styles, textures, colors and fabrics so you will surely not have any problem looking for ways on how you can style it. Just simply follow the tips mentioned above and you are good to go! If you know more bomber jacket styling tips, please share it to us below!

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