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Lace Short Style Tips

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lace short

Lace fabric is probably the dressiest type of fabric out there. But when it is used to create a cool, casual and laidback clothing piece like a shorts, this fabric tends to be a bit sloppy and it usually ends up looking like a lingerie.

Today, lace shorts are one of the trendiest outfit out there but because of the nature of the lace fabric, it tends to be quite tricky to style. Lucky for you, we are here to help you out! We actually know the secrets on how to style your lace shorts without looking like you are wearing your PJ’s. What are these secrets? Here are some of them:

For a dressier option

If you want to keep your lace shorts looking dressy, we recommend that you avoid the shorter versions and opts for culottes instead. But of course, you need to show off some skin if you want it to work. That’s why we recommend pairing your culottes with a sexy top like a sexy bralette or a midrib. You can then add a few funky pieces to the mix like a chunky pair of sandals and a cute but very gorgeous looking backpack.

For a pair that is neither short nor long

Just like in everything, there is a type of lace shorts that is just the right length—not too short, not too long. The best type of Bermuda lace shorts is the one in white color as it can be very easy to mix and match. To keep it looking casual without looking too laidback, we recommend that you pair it with cool and funky clothing pieces like a chambray long sleeve button down, a leather backpack, and a pair of platform sneakers or shoes in dark blue color.

For a skort

Another trendy lace short type is the skort—skirt at the front and shorts in the back. This one is the most recommended lace short type because it looks more structured than all the other types. To match its structured look, we recommend that you opt for a tailored sweatshirt, a hand bag and a pair of strappy sandals. Just make sure to keep the look simple by opting for accessories in muted color like nude, black and white. If you are a bit adventurous and a risk taker, you can opt to play with bright colors for this look. After all, colorful and bright is the best and most eye catching way to go!

Yes, styling and wearing lace shorts can be quite tricky. But now, that doesn’t mean that you should forget about wearing this pair of shorts ever again. With the tips mentioned above, you can surely wear your lace shorts without looking like you are wearing your PJ’s.

Do you have some more questions on how to style your lace shorts? Or maybe you have a few lace shorts styling tips that you would like to share with us? If so, please head to our comments section. We are waiting for your feedback!

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