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Just Like Audrey: Different Ways To Style The Little Black Dress

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ways to style your black dress

Thanks to the 60’s icon, the vintage queen, Audrey Hepburn, little black dress or LBD has become a thing. Fashion experts claim that all women should have one and we cannot agree more! However, the little black dress can get a bit boring at times. To help solve that, here are some styling tips that you should know about:

Keep it all black.

Since you are already wearing a little black dress, then what’s keeping you from going all-black? Keep in mind that there is a reason why this look is favored by almost all of the fashion designers and stylists in the industry. It is versatile, slimming and most of all, it looks elegant! If you will be going all out black, we recommend that you incorporate some dainty pieces to your look by opting for a dress with feminine fabrics like lace.

Carry a red bag.

What is the best color that will match a black dress? Well, red, of course! The best way to style a little black dress is to add a color to it and there is no other color that equally matches the elegance of a black dress than the red color. So, what can you do? Just simply carry a clutch or an evening bag in a stunning red color. If you do not like red, your next best option would be either metallic gold or silver colors.

Wear a printed coat.

Is it cold out? Well, you need to cover yourself up! But make sure that you do that in the best and most stylish way possible. How? By wearing a long printed trench coat over it, of course! Make sure that the coat comes in bold and eye catching print like leopard, zebra or floral print. That will surely make the dress stand out.

Wear it with white sneakers.

Haven’t worn your little black dress for a long time? Instead of letting it rot at the back of your closet, we recommend that you wear it casually by pairing it with a pair of sneakers. There is no better way to dress it down than with the most popular footwear of today.

Wear a leather jacket over it.

Another great way to dress down a little black dress is by wearing a leather jacket over it. This will make the dress look edgier.

We all want to look like Audrey Hepburn but whether you admit it or not, you cannot deny the fact that the little black dress can sometimes get a bit boring. With the styling tips that we have mentioned above, you can surely be able to update the look of your little black dress. So do you have a little black dress? If you don’t have one yet, then it is about time that you buy one. If you already have one, follow the tips above and you will surely look great in it. Do you have more LBD styling tips? Feel free to share them below.

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