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How To Wear Trendy Hair Accessories Like A Grown Up

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When we were little girls, our mothers love making us wear different hair accessories like headbands, tiaras and the likes. But as we grow old, we try to shy away from such type of accessories because we think these are just for the little girls. But thanks to the never ending evolution of the fashion industry, these hair accessories are now considered to be trendy, even for the full grown woman. However, you should not forget to keep a few style tips in mind if you wish to wear trendy hair accessories like a grown up.

What are these style tips, you may ask? Here are some of them:

Go for the mature look.

If you wish to look mature, you should opt for a hair accessory that looks mature. To do this, you should shy away from the materials that you usually wore when you are still a child—lace, ribbons, plastic flowers, small bows, butterflies and the likes. Instead, opt for ones that are more mature looking with designs like metal and stone details as well as beads and pearls. Other accents to look for include lace, gold accents and feathers.

Choose the right hair accessory for your hair style.

Contrary to popular belief, you can still wear hair accessories, regardless of the length of your hair. These accessories are not just for long hair, they can be worn by women with short hair too. Headband is the most versatile hair accessory that you can wear. The type of headband that you will choose will depend on the thickness of your hair. If your hair has lots of volume, a thicker and more solid headband is recommended. If you have thinner hair, we suggest that you opt for a thinner band too.

Go for silk.

When it comes to choosing your headbands, the best tip that we can give you is to choose the materials wisely. To prevent you from looking like a 9-year-old, we suggest that you opt for materials with high quality and you should avoid the usual headband materials like cotton. The best material that you could use is no other than silk. Not only does it look more stylish—it is much more forgiving to the hair too! For a stylish look, we recommend that you opt for ones that come in different prints. These will surely add a touch of sophistication to your look.

With the style tips mentioned above, you can surely rock your trendy hair accessories and still look like a grown up. Now, you can enjoy the accessories that you have worn when you were still a child but in a much more mature way!

If you have a few more questions on how to wear trendy hair accessories like a grown up or you have a few style tips that you wish to share with us, please do so at the comments section!

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