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How To Wear Shirt Under a Dress Like a Cool Girl

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shirt under a dress

Wearing a shirt under the dress might just be the oldest trend there is. But don’t be fooled by its age because up until now, it is one of the biggest fashion secrets that many models and fashion stylists use. But while it looks cool for the cool girls, regular people who try doing this trend just can’t seem to get it right. They always end up looking like a bunch of nerds trying to look cool.

Well, we are here to the rescue! Our goal for today is to help you look the same way the cool ladies do when they wear a shirt under their dress. Here are some amazing tips.

Pair a striped shirt with plain black slip dress.

When it comes to choosing a dress to wear over your shirt, the thinner and flimsier the fabric, the better it would look. That is why we recommend that you opt for a slip dress. Instead of wearing just plain clothes, opt for a striped one so it can add more texture to the entire look, making it more interesting.

Turn your slip dress into casual daytime outfit.

No one would have ever guessed that they can wear their favorite sexy slip dress casually during daytime. The best way to do that is to wear a shirt underneath it. No matter how sexy the cut is, this tip can make it daytime appropriate. Do not forget to wear it with high ankle boots to achieve that edgy look.

Aim for preppy.

If you wish to look more preppy than stylish (but hey you can do both!), try to deviate away from the usual plain colored shirt and opt for a chambray shirt instead. Wear a black dress over it and you will look like the queen of preppy. You can also try adding a few statement jewelry to make the entire outfit work ready.

Swap your shirt for a long sleeve button down shirt during winter.

To stay all warm and cozy during the winter season, shy away from wearing short sleeve dress and just simply use a long sleeve button down instead. You can also try injecting a ray of sunshine into your cold winter days by wearing bright colored printed dress over your long sleeve button down.

Wear shirt under your boho dress.

Your boho dress is a long flowy dress that is perfect for the beach but for the city, it lacks structure as compared to the other clothes that you have. The best way to add structure to it is to wear a shirt under it.

Truly, wearing a shirt under a dress is probably the greatest fashion hack ever invented. It makes the dress look cooler while making it warmer. If you are tired of wearing your dress as it is, this is one styling tip to try. Do you have any more tips on how to wear a shirt under the dress? If yes, please do share them to us at the comment section!

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