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How to Wear Parka in The Most Stylish Ways Possible

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Wearing parka in the city? This may seem like the most absurd thing to do before but did you know that this has become quite a trend this season? Yes, your favorite parka is no longer just for the woods—it can be now worn in the city too and there are plenty of stylish ways to do so!

But for sure, you are still in the blind as to how you should wear a parka in the city. But don’t worry, we are here to help you out! Below are some of the ways on how you can wear a parka in the most stylish ways possible!

Go for denim.

If you would like to make your parka outfits winter ready, we recommend choosing one in denim. After all, the denim fabric can add a touch of playfulness to any outfit, giving it that cool, casual and chic vibe.

Pair it with flare pants.

If you now have your denim parka with you, you will be happy to know that it will look extremely amazing when paired with a cropped sweater and a pair of flared pants. Yes, it will make you look like as if you have stepped out of That 70’s Show but trust me, this outfit works! Make sure that you pair it with block heel boots and a crossbody bag that will be perfect for a day of running errands.

Denim on denim.

If you have bought a denim parka, then we highly recommend that you go for the denim on denim trend. This look is surely perfect for casual weekends when you would just love to lounge but you have to step out of your doorstep. What we have in mind is to pair black shirt with a pair of denim pants and wear a denim parka over it. The best part? Wear it with loafers! Now, isn’t that the most comfortable thing you will ever wear this winter season?

Wear it over a midi dress.

If you think that a parka is a bit laidback or casual, then you can try dressing it up. How? Well, we recommend wearing it over a cotton midi dress that fits you perfectly. If that’s too simple for you, we recommend wearing tank top with a pencil cut (in lace, if you may) skirt and wear a parka over it. Finish the look with strappy sandals!  

Now that you know how to wear a parka in the most stylish ways possible, you can surely look amazing this winter season without having to worry about being cold out there. So who here says that you have to choose fashion over function? With these style tips, your favorite parka can give you both!

Do you have more questions on how to wear parka? Or maybe you have a few style tips that you wish to share with us? If so, please head to our comments section!

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