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How To Wear Cardigan Like a Cool Kid

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Style your cardigan

Cardigan has always been associated with prim and proper ladies—the uncool and unpopular ones. We have reduced cardigan into something that only the losers and the less than popular kids wear.

If that is what cardigan is to you, you certainly do not understand how to wear this piece of clothing. For your information, cardigan can be for the cool kids. That is, if they know how to wear it. Well, that is what we are here for. We are here to help you pull off a cardigan outfit and look like a cool kid. With that in mind, here are some of the styling tips on how to wear a cardigan:

Belt it up!

Do you have an oversized cardigan which was passed down to you from generation to generation? If yes, don’t throw it out! You can use that to create a stylish outfit! How? Well, if it is too cold out, you can just simply wear it over your girly girly dresses. To create an amazing silhouette, use a belt to cinch it at the waist. Make sure that the buttons are undone so you can show off some skin, preventing you from looking too covered up. To level up the style factor of your outfit, pair it with an edgy and one badass high cut boots and you will certainly look like a cool girl.

Opt for a printed one.

Do you think cardigans are boring? Wait till you see a printed one! There are plenty of prints out there, including leopard prints, zebra prints and many more. If you love all things feminine, it is recommended that you opt for ones with loud and big floral prints. Pair it with a plain top or a plain dress and for sure, you will surely turn heads around!

Put on a brooch on it.

If you like it, then you should put a brooch on it! If you have lots of plain looking cardigan, the best thing that you can do is to put a brooch on it! This is the perfect solution to achieve that vintage look that all girls would love to have! In the event that you are wearing a wrap cardigan, you can use a brooch to close the cardigans.

Pair it with a turtle neck sweater.

Do you think cardigan is not warm enough for the winter season? We have one stylish solution for that—layering! If you want to make cardigans winter ready, you can layer it on top of turtle neck long sleeves.

So you see, cardigans are not just for the nerds. A cardigan can also be a part of a rockin’ outfit if you know how to wear it accordingly. So do you love cardigans? If so, then do not consider yourself as a nerdy lady. How do you usually wear yours? Please share to us some of your ideas on the comment section!

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