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How To Style Your Chambray Shirt

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ways to style chambray shirt

Dressing up for summer is not an easy thing to do. After all, it can be quite difficult to find clothes that will make you look fashionable and at the same time, keep you cool and refreshed. Well, we have got the thing and it is no other than the chambray shirt. This shirt has become popular because it is recommended to be worn for all seasons, thanks to lightweight fabric. If you are thinking of ways on how you can style your chambray shirt for the summer, here are some amazing ideas:

Keeping it simple.

Sometimes, the best way to style the chambray shirt s to showcase it in its classic form. If you wish to pull off a simple yet eye catching chambray shirt look, you should wear it as it is—all buttoned up. This will give you the pull together look without looking boring. For best results, pair it with shorts and a pair of white sneakers or loafers.

Go flirty.

Tired of the relaxing vibe of the chambray shirt? Well, you can simply dress it up by pairing it with a midi skirt that comes in fun and vivid color. And of course, do not forget your favorite pair of pumps to achieve that classic meets trendy look.

Wear it as an accessory.

You do not have to put the chambray shirt in the lime light at all times. This is because there are instances when it would work as hands-free accessory that will add an interesting touch to your look. How do you do that? Just simply tie the chambray shirt around the waist. Thanks to its light weight and thin fabric, it is the perfect accessory to help you pull off this long forgotten but still chic 90’s trend.

Go vintage.

Even a trendy and modern piece like a chambray shirt can be incorporated in a vintage look. How? Just simply pair your chambray shirt with a polka dot pencil midi skirt. This will make you look extremely feminine while enjoying the chambray trend. Do not forget to style it with a gorgeous statement necklace and a pair of good looking oxfords.

Wear it with your denim pants.

Yes, denim on denim rocks and the haters can hate all they want but it is one of the best fashion trends there are. To prevent yourself from overdoing the denim on denim look, it is recommended that you pair a light washed chambray top with a dark washed denim pants.

Wear it over your dress.

If you want to stay warm when wearing a dress, use a chambray shirt instead of a cardigan. This is a fresh take on the chambray trend.

Styling your chambray shirt is not a difficult thing to do. After all, it is the most versatile shirt in the world! Just simply follow all of the tips that we have mentioned above and you will surely look gorgeous this summer season.

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