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How To Style The Skater Skirt

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skater skirt

Ever since time immemorial, the skater skirt is already one of the wardrobe staple for women. You can see it in celebs, models and actresses and when it has become mainstream, women of all styles and ages fell in love with it. Its beauty lies in how comfortable it can be and how versatile it really is. In fact, this skirt can be paired with just about everything and can be worn to work, a night out or even to school.

But of course, you would want to stand out with your skater skirt. Since many people are already wearing it, going for a simple tank top and skater skirt ensemble just won’t make the cut. Because of this, you need to take your skater skirt pairings into a whole new level. And we can help you with that! Below are some of the more fashionable and stylish ways to style the skater skirt:

Keeping it simple and chic.

Simple doesn’t always mean that you should look like Plain Jane. You can still keep things simple while looking chic and the best way that you can do that is to get a black skater skirt, pair it with a tight fitting striped long sleeve top. Wear some oxfords, wear a body bag around you and finish off your look with a simple black hat. Now, go get ready to walk the runway!

Make it look feminine.

If you love all things feminine, then you can still wear the skater skirt too! But instead of a cotton one, we recommend going for a lace-y one in white color to keep things looking clean. Pair it with a white tank top and wear a denim jacket over it. Do not forget to cinch the waist with a slim belt and pair the ensemble with a pair of sandals with chunky heels and an oversized clutch. Now, you are combination of edgy and feminine.

Opt for high-end.

Yes, you can be able to achieve high-end fashion with your skater skirt too! Buts instead of a solid colored one, we recommend going for a printed one. Since you want it high end, a leopard printed skirt is what we recommend. You can then pair it with a simple black top and cinch the waist with a  slim belt but one with a metal fixture in front. Pair it up with black or brown lace up sandals. Get your oversized tote and put on your oversized sunnies and you will instantly look like a model.

With the style tips mentioned above, you will surely be able to stand above the crowd with your skater skirt. These style tips will teach you how to make the already stylish skater skirt look more fashionable.

Do you have any more questions? Or do you wish to share a few styling tips with us? If that’s the case, we will be waiting for you in the comments section. We would love to hear from you!

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