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How To Rock The Slouchy Pants Trend

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slouchy pants

When it comes to the most stylish silhouette for women nowadays, you would never ever think that the slouchy silhouette would surface. Now that the industry is done with the tight fitted, body hugging trend, they are now embracing the cool and laidback look.

Just like the industry’s love for boyfriend shirts and harem pants, they welcome the slouchy pants trend with arms wide open. But of course, this type of silhouette is still unfamiliar territory for some and that is why many women still have no idea on how they can wear the slouchy pants. Well, we are here to help you out. Below are some of the tips you need to know to style your slouchy pants right!

For a day of travel

The slouchy pants is perfect if you are in for a full day of traveling, strolling and visiting one place to the other. To make sure that you will look your most stylish while feeling your most comfortable, we recommend going all-out slouchy. You can do this by pairing your slouchy pants with an equally laidback yet stylish top like a striped sweater. You can also put on a black hat to protect you from the sun while making your outfit look more edgy. Lastly, you can finish the look by putting on a pair of metallic oxfords.

For a night out

Even with its laidback vibe, the slouchy pants is still versatile enough to be worn for a night out. To glam it up, you should pair it with something sexy like a daring tube top. For the best look, we recommend that you go for one with a peplum style and a low neckline. Complete the entire look with a gold cuff and a pair of pointed pumps so your legs will look longer and your body will look slimmer. Do not forget to bring a sequined jacket that would come handy if ever you will feel cold out.

For errand day

If you will be out in the street for the entire day, then you should do some serious street styling and your slouchy pants is definitely up for that! To make you ready for the streets, we recommend going for a printed cotton slouchy pants (just like a harem pants but not as loose) and pair it with a plain colored shirt. Add funk to your look by wearing a denim vest over it. Finish off your outfit by donning a pair of strappy sandals that will surely make you stand out.

With these tips, you can rock the slouchy pants trends without feeling uncomfortable or awkward. You can now enjoy the amazing gift that comes with this trend-- a stylish look without having to sacrifice comfort or convenience ever.

Do you have more questions about this trend? Or maybe you would like to share with us a few more tips on how we can rock the slouchy pants trend? If so, please leave your comments below!

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