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How to Keep Your Septum Piercing Looking Hot and Feeling Cool

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16g silver Septum Ring Septum Jewelry

Getting your septum pierced is no easy task.
It takes guts, so congrats to those of you who have taken that pinching plunge!

If you’re a true metal face, you want your septum ring’s newness and thrill to last forever. However, septum horror stories or witnessing the folly of people who choose septum rings that clash hideously with everything else about them can give us nightmares.

Well, fear no more!
In our usual nosey (enjoy the pun!) fashion, we hunted down some information that is sure to keep you in love with your septum piercing until removal do you part!

16 g silver Septum Ring Septum Jewelry
Picture above - a breathtaking collaboration with ZhenNimph
Main image - a collaboration with Day Of The Dreads

So, it IS What’s Outside That Counts?

Well, yes, when we’re talking about septum piercings. Have you ever been out in public and passed by a person who either looked like they belonged among wild boars or like they might face plant because of the imbalance in their metal-face space ratio?
That’s because they took someone’s terrible advice, or made a grievous mistake, and chose a septum ring that matched everything EXCEPT for themselves!

Remember this crucial tip: Proportion, proportion, proportion!
If your face is a little asymmetrical, or if you broke your nose as a kid and it sits just a hair off center, you’ll need a septum ring that is either marginally larger or longer on one side, or one that’s made with sharply contrasting hues.
The illusion that the colors creates, and the imbalance of the jewelry size help draw the eye from the physical flaw and makes everything look more even.

16 g Septum Ring Silver Septum Jewelry
Model is badass Lusy Logan

Keep Your Nose Clean!

Beware a festering, infection breeding piercing!
There is NOTHING cute about that smell, or about having to have your septum ring surgically removed if the infection lingers too long and does irreparable damage to your nose!

No matter how long you’ve had your septum pierced PLEASE keep that hole clean!
Remember that it is technically an open wound (damage to the skin and tissue that never closes back to its normal state), and should be treated as such!
When it starts itching more than normal, stings a little when you touch your septum ring, swells excessively when you change out your jewelry, or starts to smell like the south end of a northbound animal, take some antibacterial soap and CLEAN IT WELL!!

It's a good idea to go ahead and clean it each time you bathe or shower, even if you haven’t noticed any of these symptoms, because of the bacteria that lives inside your nose.
It is always better to be safe than sorry, and we want you to always be safe and healthy!

14 g Septum Ring Silver Septum Jewelry
Model is the too beautiful Natascha Pedersen

Remember Your REAL Wardrobe!

Some people like to do an entire makeover when they get a brand-new piercing, or go shopping for an awesome new ring.
They start daydreaming of the clothes they want to buy and the new looks they’d like to model, and they choose facial jewelry that matches that glorious image of themselves in their mind.
But guess what? If you don’t get those new outfits right away, or if you decide on a different look while you shop, your new jewelry won’t quite live up to your expectations.
You’ll be mismatched, too, and it will likely be quite noticeable to others.

The Moral of the Story

It’s what’s inside that counts, but what we do outside reflects it!
You can’t be YOU if your appearance says you’re someone, or something, else.
Remember to stay true to that unique spark that makes you who you are, to be proud of it, and to take great care of it!

We love you, and you should, too!

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