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How To Achieve an Edgy Look

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edgy look

In the fashion industry, experts keep on talking about edgy clothing. Many designers would boast about how edgy their collection is or how edgy the looks are. But do you really know what being edgy looks like? Does the edgy term pertain to just the clothes or is it just about the attitude? Well, I believe that it is more about the latter but it will also not hurt if you will learn to edgify your outfits. How do you do that? Take a look at the tips below:

Get pierced.

There is no better way for you to look instantly edgy than getting and having a piercing. You can opt for any types of septum rings or nose rings that can boost the edgy factor of your look. Today, having a  piercing is already widely acceptable so you do not have to worry about being accepted by society. In addition to that, you can easily hide a septum piercing by opting for a fake septum. You can easily remove it if you are not confident in showing off piercing in the workplace.

Start with small pieces of clothing.

If you are not confident enough to go all out edgy, the best thing that you can do is to start with just small pieces of clothing. Since you cannot overhaul your wardrobe right away, the best thing that you can do is to mix and match your clothes. Just simply incorporate small accessories like choker, leggings or leather jackets in your outfits. These little things may seem simple but rest assured, these will take your outfit and your look into a whole new level!

Bring on the black.

Black is always a classic and it is extremely versatile too! It can go well with just about any color and it can surely make your outfit instantly edgy. We know that being edgy does not necessarily mean that you should go goth but we cannot deny the fact that wearing dark is the best way to make a bold impression.

Wear stylish menswear pieces.

If you wish to be edgy, then challenge the gender fashion rules. Wear clothes like suit, tie, boyfriend jeans, pantsuits and many more. Only bold women can pull this off!

Be bold enough.

The best tip to look edgy is to be bold enough to try on different looks. Keep it in mind that you will never look edgy if you will not have boldness or confidence in how you look. That is why you should go out of your comfort zone and wear different things that you have never tried before.

Follow these tips but please bear in mind that you will never look edgy if you won’t show off a confident attitude. So follow the tips mentioned above but be confident enough to pull off these edgy tips and you can surely join the bandwagon!

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