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A Guide To Wearing All Black For The Perfect Goth Style

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goth style

When you think of the gothic fashion, you will surely immediately think of corsets and chokers. But for your information, the goth fashion is much more diverse than you think it is. Yes, it is commonly associated with dark makeup, dark clothing, spooky and morbid styles. But what you have to understand is the fact that you can also wear your everyday clothes to achieve the ultimate goth fashion.

To do this, it is recommended that you take advantage of the most popular goth shade there is and that is no other than the color black. For a simple yet stunning goth outfit, an all black outfit is the best way to go. If you are wondering how to inject the goth vibe in your all black outfit, here are some tips that you should know about:

Mix and match the fabrics and textures of your clothes.

If you wish to create some variety in your outfit, the best thing that you can do is to play with different types of fabrics. In this way, you can also spice up your outfit. Can you imagine wearing an all-cotton black outfit? That seems boring, right? When you use different fabrics, you can visually break up the entire outfit, making each piece more unique and distinguishable. One good example is to pair your black leather jacket with a lace top. This is the best way to pull off that black goth outfit that is not boring or dull.

Pierce it.

Can you think of a simplest way on how you can inject the goth style into your outfit? Well, we can—piercings! Today, one of the best type of piercing is no other than the septum piercing. At first look, it may seem painful but the truth is, it is virtually pain-free. That’s because the piercing does not actually go through the bone itself. Rather, it goes through the empty space under the nose. And of course, what makes piercing the best accessory is because there are plenty of septum ring designs in the market today so you can choose one that would suit your needs.

Spice it up with gothic accessories.

Do you love to accessorize? Well, you can put that to good use. Aside from a septum ring, one of the gothic accessories that is trending today is the choker. You can opt for a lacy or a simple one. Another great accessory would be arm bands or black cuffs. If you do not have one, you can just simply opt for a chunky ring.

With all the tips mentioned above, you can surely be able to look goth without wearing too much flashy accessories or buying fancy clothes. If you have a few questions on how to achieve the perfect goth style or you wish to share with us a few of your goth style tips, please head to our comments section. We will be glad to hear from you!

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