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A Guide on How To Wear Mixed Metallics

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mixed metallics

Metallics? For sure, you would be dumbfounded with this trend. After all, doesn’t it seem like this trend came from the 90’s? But as we all know fashion trends come and go and this 90’s trend is definitely coming back to the fashion industry. But since it came from the 90’s, not many people are aware on how they can wear mixed metallics.

That is why we are here to help you out. If this is your first time to wear metallic or you are trying to find new ways to wear metallic, you have certainly come to the right place. In fact, here are some of the styling tips that you should know about:

Mix metallic with textured pieces.

Since your metallic are already eye catching enough, it is best that you mix your metallic with textured pieces in neutral colors. After all, donning another piece of clothing in an eye catching color will clash with your metallic so try to keep the rest of your outfit textured yet neutral. For example, you can pair your metallic gold pleated skirt with either a leather jacket or a fuzzy sweat shirt.

Wear metallic all over.

If you think this is over the top, it can be… if you will not be careful in styling this look. In the event that you have planned to wear metallic from head to toe, we recommend that you choose a set of matching separates. In this way, the entire outfit will look more cohesive and not too shimmery. The best thing about wearing metallic from head to toe is that it can be a great day to nighttime outfit.

Pair it with jeans.

The problem about metallic is that these tend to look a bit over the top. Lucky for you, there is one thing that you can do to make it look perfect for daytime and streetstyle looks. You know what it is? Wear it with jeans. A classic pair of jeans will be a blank canvass and can make all the other pieces of clothing that you pair it with shine through. That is exactly what your metallic top needs!

Use them as your accessories.

If you are not too much of a fashion risk taker and you do not have the boldness to wear metallic pieces of clothing, the next best thing that you can do is to wear metallic as your accessories. Lucky for you, there are plenty of metallic accessories that you can choose from—bracelets, bags, shoes, clutches and many more. Just make sure that you stick to just one type of metallic so your outfit won’t clash. If you will be going for gold, then stick to gold. This goes the same with silver.

Wearing mixed metallic is not as difficult as it seems. Just simply follow the tips mentioned above and you can surely pull off the best mixed metallic outfit anyone can ever think of.

Do you have any question? Please feel free to share them with us in the comments section!

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