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Tattoos: Taboo, or For You?

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In a society in which very little shocks us, it might surprise you to know that tattoos are still very much a subject of intense (and sometimes heated) discussion.

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Are Tattoos Still Taboo?

That depends a lot on who you ask. For some social groups, tattoos are not just art: they are a way of life. For others, they are a way to show solidarity, brother (or sister) hood, fellowship. Still others view tattoos as a way to use their bodies as canvases to show the world what means the most to them, what they’ve been through, and who they are on the inside. And, of course, there are people who simply adore the beauty of the meticulous lines, rich colors, and permanency of the ink.

However, there are also those who treat the words “tattoo” and “ink” like it’s the worst swear word in the universe. They view body art as disgusting, repulsive, and vulgar. Some even think that tattoos symbolize nothing more than violence, gang association and a hearty appetite for drugs. Of course, WE know that could not be falser, but we cannot convince the entirety of the world of its misguided notions.

What we CAN do is prove to the world that they are wrong. Not by proving ourselves to them, of course. In ANY capacity. However, we can do so by continuing to prove our love for tattoos and the art of inking, and by proudly displaying our love and appreciation for the tattoos and tattoo-loving nature of others. After all, nothing trumps hate and misunderstanding like love and appreciation, right?

But we digress. The answer to the question of whether tattoos are still taboo lies largely in the company you keep. Or, at least, the company in front of which you discuss them. The REAL question is whether they are taboo to YOU.

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How Much of Society Accepts Tattoos?

First of all, that is hard to say definitively. Social media seems to tell us that tattoos are literally everywhere. However, how many of your favorite T.V. stars have visible tattoos? How many celebs do you see in their red-carpet garb with ink on any parts of exposed skin? Yet, every day at the grocery store or gym, we see more and more people with tattoos, and no one around them seems to bat an eye. While it is easy to research information and statistics, stats are just numbers based on singular studies done with, and from, small numbers of carefully selected people. In truth, there is no way such groups can speak for larger groups of society, let alone all of it.

Secondly, who cares? Those of you we happily call our tribe know that loving yourself means not giving a rat’s tail about what “polite society” (or society in general) thinks about us! No matter what we do, what we love, or how we feel, there will ALWAYS be some one (or some ONES) who wish to impose their own opinions and ideals on us. There will always be nay-sayers and tsk-tsk-tskers who either truly disapprove of our styles, or just wish to be intentionally combative and obtuse. There will even be those who are envious because they DO care about what society thinks, and they feel that they can never be as brave or bold as you.

Regardless of the reason why they object to the wonderful world of tattoos, object to THEIR objections. Your happiness is only for you, anyway; don’t consume yourself with worry about what others think!

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Are Tattoos for You?

Well, to be perfectly honest, that’s not for us to say. Although, if it WERE, we would say: OF COURSE, tattoos are for you! However, in the end, it’s ultimately up to you as to whether tattoos are your cup of… ink.

We WILL say that this a decision one should NEVER make based solely on the opinions of others. And not just the opinions of the aforementioned nay-sayers, either. Those who are enthusiastic about tattoos can be just as bad about pressuring you into something you may, or may not, be quite ready to do. And, if there is anything worse than NOT getting a tattoo just because someone disapproves, it’s getting a tattoo you really didn’t want because of peer pressure. Getting a tattoo should be a happy occasion, one from which you walk away with beautiful artwork with which you are in LOVE, forever displayed on your body. So, in the end, while you can research and ask for advice, the decision must be 100% up to you.

Talk to Us!

What do you think about tattoos being taboo? Do you believe they are? Do you think society still feels they are? Do you have an interesting story about a conversation you’ve had with someone about the subject? Let us know!

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  • Tariqat Sofia
    Created on: June 27, 2019

    aqui no Brasil, mais especificamente no estado de alagoas, as tatuagens são muito tabus e alvos de preconceitos. Não é todo mundo que tem e é difícil conseguir emprego quando se possui tatuagens a mostra.

  • Pamela Elow
    Created on: June 27, 2019

    I love tattoos

  • Pamela Elow
    Created on: June 27, 2019

    I love tattoos

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