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Let’s Learn About Colors!

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Cover photo - the super talented beauty @natacshap wearing Indian Mystique septum ring in solid 14 k gold.

No, no… we’re not here to give a preschool lesson on color names or identification, so you can put away your text books! Today, we wanna talk about what colors mean, and what their meanings mean. (Tongue twister, we know!).

Why Colors are Important

Colors don’t just look pretty, or match (or mismatch) with each other. Some people don’t realize this, but colors can actually affect your mood, and the moods of the people around you. It’s often on a subconscious level, so read on and, at the end of this post, try to consciously note the impact colors can have on yourself and those around you.

What Do Colors Mean?

Rather than try to list EVERY color shade in the world, we decided to list the basic colors (from which all the various shades develop) and give brief explanations about the meanings of each one. Here’s what WE know about colors:

  • Red. The color of stop signs. Red often suggests danger, rage, or an elevated need for caution (such as fire hazards or safety). Red can also indicate fast (how many red sports cars have you seen on the roads, flying like bats out of Hades?). HOWEVER, red is NOT all bad! Red also means passion, importance, and love. Many creatives use red (in moderation) in their work spaces to stimulate their creative juices and feed their love and passion for their work. Red also stands out from most of the other colors. Some people use a splash of red (such as with their facial jewelry) as a means of drawing the eyes of others to their sense of style and taste.
  • Orange. There are few things more invigorating than the orangish-pink light of a beautiful sunrise. Orange often induces an energetic feeling, pumping you up to start your day (or finish it, if it’s been a particularly long one). It’s a warm, inviting color that can help motivate you to embrace change with the warm-and-fuzzies, not apprehension.

    cyberpunk makeup inspiration
    Model - Queen @obsidiankerttu
    Septum Ring - Neptune's Child

  • Yellow. Yellow is perhaps the brightest color in the spectrum (aside from white, that is), and bright is exactly its point! Yellow, like red, can drastically alter one’s mood. Have you ever walked into a bright yellow office waiting room for an appointment, frustrated because you’re running late, traffic was awful, or even because you resent needing the appointment? Did you notice that, by the time it was your turn, your sour mood had vanished, and you even had a positive thought or two replacing the negative ones? THAT’S the power of yellow!
  • Green. Grass is the best example we know that explains what green means. Grass is part of nature, it’s often lush and beautiful, and it grows constantly. It’s a comforting color that makes us think of stability and safety. It’s also sort of the opposite of red: green means go!
  • Blue. Is there any color more peaceful or calming than blue? People who live near the ocean or a lake are incredibly lucky! Blue helps us relax and recharge, refreshing our strength and tranquility, even in times of great stress or sadness.

    dramatic eye makeup for blue eyes
    Model - Breathtaking @quixotic_kate
    Nose Ring - Choker
  • Purple. Long ago, purple was the color of royalty. Those adorned in purple were of noble blood, and quite wealthy. Today, purple often represents creativity and inspiration. It also still carries some of its “luxurious” reputation. Some shades of purple (most notably, pinks and lavenders) also represent romance and love.
  • White. As wedding dresses suggest, white often means purity and virtue. It makes us think of clean, peaceful things, and it can sometimes even have a slight sterile feel (i.e., a doctor’s office or hospital). However, it can also be a simple, minimalist color, keeping things simple but still stylish, presenting a look (and a feeling) all its own (although it CAN be a bit embarrassing to have a food/drink spill while wearing white!).
  • Black. Honestly, this depends a great deal on the individual. For some people, black represents evil and all things dark. Remember the black cat superstition? Yeah… that. However, although some people DO use black for such things (people use ALL colors for ALL kinds of things, not JUST black, so try to not be colorist!), black means so much more than that. It means a dark, starlight midnight, which is beautiful and peaceful to many people (if you’re reading this, that likely means YOU). It can mean the elegance of a little-black-dress event, and it even often represents sophistication. Plus, it matches with virtually EVERYTHING (except maybe blue and brown)! Don’t fear the power of black. Embrace it!

    gothic witch makeup ideas
    Model - Breathtaking @psychara
    Septum Ring - Free Spirit

  • Brown. Who doesn’t think of soil when they see the color brown? Brown is probably the most down-to-earth (pun intended) color in the entire spectrum, with green a close second. Beneath the green grass is rich brown dirt that provides nourishment to plants, some of which we harvest and eat! Brown can seem dull, but it’s reliable, wholesome, and conveys these things proudly!

Sure, we all have our fave color(s), but try an experiment! Pick a few things (makeup items, clothing, facial and/or body jewelry) in all different colors. Maybe even spring for some paint while doing your spring cleaning (pun intended, again) and change up the color inside your home. Observe the feelings those colors stir in you and elicit in others. Try out combinations of colors until you find one that works for you. Let your colors be another way in which you express your personal style to the world!

Do you have a story about a personal experience with colors and how they affect you? Let us know!

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