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How To Wear Your Chunky Sandals Right

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chunky sandals

Last year, people went crazy over the Birkenstock and this year, people fell in love with the chunky sandals trend. If no one’s going to say it, let me be the first: it looks like the ugly-pretty trend is here to stay and there is nothing that we can really do about it.

Sorry but we cannot deny the fact that the chunky sandals are not our usual cup of tea. It can look borderline ugly but when worn with the other fashion trends that we have today, you cannot also disagree with the fact that it looks just right. But since this sandals is not our usual flair, many of us are having some problems on how to wear the chunky sandals right. With that in mind, here are a few styling tips that you need to know.

Pair it with summer dresses.

Summer dresses look extremely feminine while the chunky sandals look a bit masculine. That is why pairing them together can help to achieve a balance between the two. In addition to that, pairing this too will add an edgy look the usual sexy summer dress without putting in too much effort.

Spice up your plain look.

The main thing why chunky sandals have become the biggest footwear trend is because it has the power to make any look more edgy, eye catching and exciting. Because of this, it is the perfect footwear to reach out to when you wish to spice up your outfit. That is why it is the perfect footwear for you usual ensemble like a pair of distressed jeans and tank top or your usual white shirt and shorts ensemble.

Wear it with black.

Do you wish to make the most out of the edgy factor of your black outfits? Well, let us take a cue from some of the celebrities and opt for a black pair of chunky sandals to go along with your usual black clothes. To make it look even edgier, it would be best if you will wear a sexy black dress and wear a knee high black sock under your platform sandals.

Make pastel colors look more playful.

Do you love pastel colored shirts and dresses? Well, don’t worry! You can still take advantage of the style factor that a pair of white chunky sandals has to offer. How? Well, you can do that by wearing playful and colorful socks with your chunky sandals. Your pastel dresses will surely get that instant makeover and will look more fashionable than ever!

There—we got everything out in the open. We agree that chunky sandals are not as pretty as its other footwear counterparts but we cannot also deny that this pair of footwear works in mysterious and weird ways that makes it look trendy.

Do you have any more questions about how to wear chunky sandals? If so, please share them with us in the comments section!

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