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‘Til Death Do You Goth!

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‘Til Death Do You Goth!

Many women start dreaming of their wedding day before they enter their preteen years.
For some, they envision standing beside their Prince Charming in a delicate, white gown, surrounded by all their friends and family, in a grand venue beautiful enough to turn the most prominent royalty green.
Others want a small, simple, and quiet ceremony.
However, there are a few of us who fantasize about gliding down the staircase of the Addams family mansion in black lace and fishnet, to be wed in unholy morbidity, in a ceremony that only Lily Munster could plan, and envied by Mistress Elvira herself!

To those of you getting married soon and considering, or planning, a dark, demented wedding of your own, congrats! We toast that unique, alternative streak that makes you who are, and the person who loves you enough to vow to warp and corrupt you ‘til death do you part!
Our wedding gift to you is the following listicle we constructed to help you plot and execute your perfect conspiracy!

Black Goth Alternative Wedding Cake

It Isn’t All About Skulls!

While some of us adore skulls, we’d like to mention that goth does not revolve around them! They are a classic goth icon, but they are not vital to a demented wedding ceremony.
If your perfect wedding nightmare involves unicorns or fairies instead of skulls and skeleton cake toppers, use them!
This day is all about you, so use the theme for your goth wedding to express what “gothic” means to you!

We found some theme ideas to share with you:

  • Raven Theme. Whether you take a page from Poe’s poem or just opt to use ravens as your ceremonial symbol, a raven themed goth wedding is elegant and dark. From a white wedding cake decorated with the ominous black birds to (fake) raven feather centerpieces, this theme is a classic, tasteful option.

  • Victorian Theme. The Victorian architecture and apparel is known for its dark and seductive appearance.
    Everything from the betrothed couple’s attire and wedding party’s garb to the music and atmosphere can adopt your goth Victorian vision.
    You can even have a cake custom made to look like corsets or elaborate Victorian headwear.

    Goth Wedding Jewelry Necklace Neck Piece

  • 90’s Goth Theme. Does anyone remember the leather bracelets and chokers with the long spikes and shiny studs?
    Those same accessories could be incorporated to help make your wedding a day no one can forget (especially your more conservative relatives)!
    Pull out your pants and skirts with chains and spikes, go nuts making decorations with any old studded jewelry that doesn’t fit anymore, and enjoy a black frosted cake with candy (or icing) screw heads and metal shards!

  • Horror Movie Theme. If you want something a little more “gothy” goth, but Halloween is too far away for blood and gore, consider some of your favorite horror movies.
    Popular goth wedding themes in recent years include The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride, but don’t be afraid to let your vision roam past that!
    Red velvet cakes, black icing, decorating gel, food coloring, dark-colored outfits or clothing material, and your wonderful imagination can create horror masterpieces worthy of nightmares!

  • Don’t F-ing Care Bear Theme. Remember the cute, virtuous little Care Bears?
    Well, I’ve heard rumors of a wonderfully demented black teddy bear just for grown-ups called a “don’t f-ing Care Bear,” who proudly flips the bird with his chubby middle fingers. I’ve found no evidence that this mythical bundle of malice is anything more than edited pictures on the web, but why not make memes into reality?
    Get several stuffed animals that match your chosen theme colors, borrow or find some cool silver septum rings with which to pierce the toys’ eyebrows, lips, noses, etc., and give them tiny clothes with satirical or sarcastic quotes, and voila! Spread the “don’t f-ing caring” all over your wedding!

Black Wedding Dress Gawn

Remember this: nothing in your goth wedding must be traditional.
In fact, it should be anything but!
You and your bride-or-groom-to-be can opt for tattoos on your fingers instead of exchanging rings at the altar.
Clothing is probably not optional, but dresses and tuxes are!
You can even choose something other than a wedding cake to sit at the pinnacle of your wedding reception, if you plan to have one of those.
All that matters is that you plan the perfect goth wedding for you!

Brides of the Night!

Do you dream of your own morbid wedding? Have you decided on a perfect theme or your perfect outfit? Tell us your dark (wedding) desires!
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